Infinite Tomorrows

Sunset flight with a friend I made by reaching out

Sunset flight with a friend I made by reaching out – Beautiful view of Ucluelet and the Pacific Ocean

I try to surround myself and connect with people that will educate me, guide me and provide me with inspiration. Today I was fortunate enough to read some wise words from one of those people in my circles.

His words were the following

I used to read Dr Seuss to my daughter. “Oh the places you’ll go” was a favourite. I changed a few words around, but generally it was a good story with a great message. I thought of the waiting place in it, Life is too short to wait. Do it now. whatever it may be. We only have a limited amount of tomorrow’s

I was thankful to read that today and his response to me was that I was the one living the dream. I responded that I feel I really am not.

Is it a dream or just a vivid reality where you just decide you want to reach out to others and find a connection of mindfulness and positive intentions . Like he said , we just have to decide to do something ….. Our tomorrow’s are finite.

So starting tomorrow start making a decision to use those days wisely.

  • Go meet someone new
  • Go explore somewhere you have never been
  • Try something new
  • Control how you react to things that happen, be mindful
  • Start saying yes to new opportunities

In the end , just be a damn good human being and do something #BeyondTheUsual



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  • This post reminds me of a Winston Churchill quote I like to think about when I’m feeling doubtful: “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” Thanks for sharing this!

    • Chris says:

      Equally wise words Nicholas, I’ve been working hard on how I react to things within my circle as ultimately it is all I can control.

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