Always Scheming or is it Dreaming

Last weekend I set out on an amazing 4 day trek to summit the tallest peak on Vancouver Island, the Golden Hinde. I felt alive, free and relaxed in my journey in the backcountry and thought to myself that more of this is needed. Now this weekend I travel to Alberta and then Saskatchewan for 2 weeks of work for my corporate job and also check in on our businesses.


One of these two weekend scenarios allows the other but I sure wish the prior before the later was the regular routine. With that in mind we still haven’t stopped slowly working our way to minimize our “stuff” and decrease our expenses as the quickest way to need less money is to mitigate your expenses. The simple math behind financial independence is easy and of course saving like crazy doesn’t hurt either.

I wonder if I’m just being selfish or lazy but then again is it just society that hammers these rules of the way things should be down our throats. I think that it can be different and I am working hard to make sure it happens. We need to do what makes us happy but we also need to be smart about it and lay a sound framework that will sustain itself for the foreseeable future.


So I will continue to spend less, save like crazy and look for ways to radically reduce our daily footprint of living in a modern society. One day I will be away on longer adventures, bolder peaks and hopefully even some guiding mixed in there too. For now head down ass up and hustle .



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