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Wow, ok my bad….I haven’t posted a single thing since March, Yikes! This has a lot to do with just trying to soak in the amazing area we moved. The beauty and diversity of Vancouver Island is just amazing (yes that word is overused lately but who cares) . My point to the outdoors is that its free and you don’t need a lot of stuff to enjoy it, open your door and set yourself free. Being outdoors lets you not worry about sitting in front of your tv, having a cable tv package and a fancy couch to sit on. Not to forget to mention its damn good for your health.

My little blog is about being health, positive and yes smart with your finances. The outdoors accomplishes this in a simple 3 part process
#1 – you don’t need stuff to spend your time, just the ability to go outside
#2 – typically being outside means physical activity or excercise, go Health!
#3 – good health leads to happiness and a positive outlook

I hope to get back here again and provide some updates on what we are doing with ourselves over the past few months and where we are headed. Our life has changed a fair amount and I have also learned a lot from all the personal finance blogs I have been reading too. So stay tuned and I hope to provide some more content for your reading enjoyment soon. Lastly a shout out to TraipsingAbout and Kapitalust for kicking me in the pants to get back here and post an update.


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  • Kapitalust says:

    Nice to see you back Chris! Love Vancouver Island: spent a week in Tofino surfing in June and going back for an extended long weekend for more surfing in September! Awesome pictures and hope to read more soon!

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