Here on the Mindful Explorer blog I have shared some insight into the mindset and lifestyle journey I have embarked on these last 6 years. I have always wanted to help others discover this journey and I finally got that opportunity during my recent guest interview on the Obstacle Course Podcast.

Through blog posts and my social media channels some of you may have gotten to know me better or glean a little insight. Up until this point though I had not done anything as extensive as an interview. Thus, when John and Andrew of Obstacle Course Podcast reached out to interview me I said yes. I wanted the chance to be on a platform like this to share what I have learned over these last few years. An opportunity help others break out of the endless cycle of disconnection, routine and consumption in society.

It is a great deep dive into a lifestyle that focuses on mindfulness, simple living, financial independence but also getting outdoors and our environmental footprint.

Obstacle Course Podcast Chrs Istace Mindful Explorer

On the Obstacle Course Podcast website its states, Join Andrew and John as they learn how to build the habit of resilience by embracing challenges and interviewing everyday bad-asses who have overcome adversity. Discover how the obstacle you’ve been dreading could be the path to greater fulfillment and meaning in your life!

Obstacle Course Podcast – What Does it Mean to Be a Mindful Explorer ?

I had a great time doing our interview and also enjoyed getting to know John and Andrew a little better. During a few of my recent hikes I listened to a few of their podcasts and wow, there are some gems in there you need to check out.

Anyhow, enough chatting, kets jump right into it. Here is my guest interview on The Obstacle Course Podcast and the content overview from the guys. I hope you enjoy it!

Exploring Financial Independence and the Great Outdoors on Obstacle Course Podcast

For episode 33, we decided to record outside on John’s back deck. Enjoy the variety of background sounds including birds, dogs, squirrels, falling nuts, wasps and something that sounded like a rooster at one point? We had a great conversation with Chris Istace aka The Mindful Explorer! Six years ago, Chris and his family sold everything and left their posh lifestyle for a new vision of life and style on Vancouver Island. We discuss challenge, risk, mountain climbing, mindfulness and financial independence.

Thanks for this great opportunity to both John and Andrew. I had an awesome time and we even plan to go on a hike in the near future.

If you are new to my website, need to catch up or just want to read more on my journey here on Mindful Explorer check out these articles.

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