Introverts Escape

excelWhere do you go to be with your thoughts? I recently took a personality assessment through a management course I was in at my place of work. The big surprising outcome of this course was that it stated I was an introvert. I thought about this and refuted the results thinking of how much I interact with the public from my social clubs, to my seat on city council to just being out there. Then began to read deeper into the results and understood more that it was my second personality of
Feeling with Extroverted tendencies that makes me so outgoing and a desire to feed off interaction as this is how I learn and get ahead. So where did the Introvert come out??? I clearly saw it now, it was my desire to be alone by myself in the gym in a demanding workout, being on my dirtbike at peace with the machine or alone reading a good blog. I spend so much time in an extroverted state that I seek my introverted time to “recharge” myself to feed that 2nd personality trait. It truly is a complicated topic to delve into but who ever said human being were easy. ~Chris

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