Kenow Wildfire Renewal – Waterton Lakes National Park

In August of 2017 a severe storm led to the perfect conditions for the lightning that ignited a severe wildfire. Kenow Wildfire renewal is happening, learn how nature in Waterton Lakes National park is transforming before our eyes.

On a  recent ZenSeekers assignment for a three day stay I was witness first hand to the power of nature via the wildfire. Although at the same time you could see the beauty and rejuvenation occurring as Waterton Lakes National Park begins its Kenow wildfire renewal. My trip was an educational moment in time with a stunning natural setting. Experience my trip for yourself at ZenSeekers through reading mor HERE.

Parks Canada Helping the Kenow Wildfire Renewal Unfold

More than 19,000 hectares of national park was affected in Waterton. The flora and fauna were impacted and much of the sensitive ecosystem will take time to recover. With that being said we met up with Parks Canada who were very encouraged with the Kenow wildfire renewal already taking place.

Kimberly Pearson, an ecosystems scientist with Parks Canada, explained to me how nature takes care of itself in the wake of an event like this. “Nature is very powerful, very resilient,” Kimberly said, adding that this isn’t the first fire to alter Waterton ’s landscape. What visitors saw prior to 2017 was actually nature having rejuvenated itself after a similar fire 100 years ago.

Read more from Kimberley and other Waterton locals in my ZenSeekers story here; A jewel of a park: Waterton will make you feel rejuvenated .

Although much of the west side of the park remains closed, there’s still plenty of Waterton Lakes National Park to experience. Parks Canada is keeping visitors constantly updated on trails as they open here, What’s Open in 2018.

After checking out what’s open swing on by my recent article; Waterton Lakes National Park Road Trip – Top 10 Things To Do

Kenow Wildfire Renewal waterton lakes national park chris istace mindful explorer

The Kenow Wildfire Renewal – If You Go

Waterton Lakes National Park is about a three-hour drive south of Calgary.

Check out the My Waterton website to get planning your trip.

Travel Alberta also has lots of great information about things to do and places to see in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Canalta Hotels has partnered up with a collection of destinations across Southern Alberta.  Stay a Night & See a Sight. They’re set to help you plan your trip.

Disclosure: This post was published in partnership with ZenSeekers

Kenow Wildfire Renewal waterton lakes national park chris istace mindful explorer

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