Mindful Authenticity : A Path to Good Social Media Health

If I could give you one piece of advice in these modern times of high social media engagement it would be to behave authentically and be mindful of your actions. Slow down to take the time to reflect on how you are using your time on social media.

How Being Mindful Will Improve Your Social Media Health

I have touched on this topic before in posts like Engage Your Generous Positivity and Instagram or “Insta-Can” but recently this ideology tumbled around in my thoughts. My reflection on this topic was inspired by another amazing authentic individual I met via Social Media, Casey-Jo Loos.

Interestingly enough I met Casey-Jo because of social media. How using it with authenticity and mindfulness creates an energy that I can’t really describe will draw similar positive energy individuals together. Good friend and an inspiring person herself, Monique arranged for a fun Instameet of fellow Instagrammers.  Gathering people who share a love for the outdoors, who want to connect with good people and want to inspire others was the result.  Therefore it was clearly evident why she brought Casey-Jo with her.

It was a beautiful day on the west coast of Vancouver Island sharing laughs in the amazing outdoors. Everyone was just being themselves and with no false intentions or acting in a way they would normally not behave. When you are always yourself then there is no stress meeting new people or worrying about what they think.

Being Yourself is easier than playing the role of a person you are not in a life that is built on stories.

Before I move on, I real quick want to share a this video my friend Tobias created (on Instagram as @Tobias.TrailRaiders ) It ties in so well with the message I am trying to share in this blog post. Tobias wanted to join me on this day to document how I use Social Media to find new inspiring people and to engage in awesome outdoor places.



We all said our goodbyes as the day ended and existing connections were further deepened as well as new ones formed. The following days on Instagram and Facebook I began to enjoy reading the daily thoughts that Casey-Jo shared.

Why share negative energy that doesn’t help promote a healthy vibrant digital community when it is so easy to share Positive Mindful content?

As the weeks went by I continued to look forward to her humour and candid commentary on life. She was acting authentic in her actions and being mindful on how her behaviour affects those around us. Then last week she dropped two Instagram posts that really nailed my beliefs and cemented themselves into my mind.

Excited I reached out to Casey-Jo for permission to share her words as I think you will hopefully take as much from them as I did.

Be Your True Authentic Self

Everyone chooses to use social media for different reasons and I’m not here to slight yours and say mine or theirs has better intent. I understand it’s all an egotistical expression engine. Every single one of us who uses it, creeps on it, engages, we’re getting stuff out of it for our egos and that’s okay! We’re scrolling through egos all day, it’s kind of hilarious.

Just remember that as you use this platform that this world is wonderfully expansive and unfathomable at best, and yes this world includes the bubble of instagram. I’ve met and connected with hundreds of amazing people, online and in real life. I’ve made life long friends through social media. I hear your stories, am blown away by photos, read life experiences you share, and you sometimes read how I choose to share my heart. how cool is that?

My hope is that through sharing we feel less alone. If even one person can relate to another or laugh or smile or feel inspired or, hell, feel connected on the damn thing then we’ve won. If we can connect over life and or images, be taken away to places that we only dream of, and one day visit them ourselves because we saw it and weren’t limited by fear, then fucking amazing!

If we can glimpse into the filtered corners of someone we admire, follow another’s work that motivates us or makes us think or express ourselves freely however we choose, we are fortunate than most. The biggest reason I use instagram is to express myself and to feel. That’s it. [oh and sunsets. obvs]. and to hopefully remind us, even myself, to not limit your views of reality within these four perfect squares.

My hope is that you keep all of it top of mind as you scroll and compare and contrast and click today. Don’t let it take away your value from you. Don’t let it take away your authentic self and what you want to do in this world. Make sure to tell me about all the good deals you find or the promo code for a sweet new bathing suit cuz I need one of those [I’m serious]. ~ Casey-Jo

authentic mindful explorer

Are you being your true Authentic Self ? – photo courtesy Casey-Jo Loos


I want to thank Casey-Jo for sharing with all of us her on my blog. You can say thanks yourself to her on Instagram at @CaseyJoLoos or tune into to listen to her weekday mornings where she is an on-air host for 102.7 Peak FM in the Vancouver region.

So remember to have fun, be yourself, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and most importantly don’t compare yourself to others.

I hope this post helps inspire you to #ExploreBeyondTheUsual

Chris ~ Mindful Explorer

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  • Thanks for sharing this Chris and Casey-Jo. Keep on #DaringGreatly!

  • Jacq says:

    I went to work today dressed how I wanted to, rocking an outfit reminiscent of Rizzoli from Rizzoli &Isles. I was comfortable both in my clothes, and inside, this is me. I cut my hair in the fall to a pixie, from average long hair. I told someone the other week I feel more me, this way. I was wearing my hair long and dressing how I thought they wanted me to, or had told me to at my last job. Here, no one cares if my hair is short, or I look like I should be on a cop show one day, and might be part grunge rocker on a Friday, and I am growing in my authentic self and self expression! 🙂

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