Nature doesn’t have a “Like” button

What fun would social media be without some controversy.

The Lake and the Mountains have come my Landscape, my real world – Georges Simenon

Kings Peak Vancouver Island Hiking

Mountain Fun – Kings Peak – VanIsle BC

A friend of mine was inadvertently the subject of a very pointed editorial linked below.

TGR – Is This Real Life? Outdoor Women on Social Media

But man did I love the response Holly Johnson gave! Here is a quote from her blog and the link below.

Question: Who’s adventure/life/Instagram feed is more “real?”

Answer: Who cares? Both women made it to the top.

Is Your Adventure More Real than Adventure

Well said and thank-you for your rebuttal. I am someone whom actively pursues the outdoors, reaches out to others and surrounds myself with some pretty awesome people. Man or Woman , I am fortunate to share these captured moments in time with them.

Golden Hinde Vancouver Island Hiking

Mountain Trio – Golden Hinde – VanIsle BC

The¬†photos may fade, instagram will be a long forgotten fad….I But will always have that bloody awesome highlight reel playing back through my mind.

Get out there and be #BeyondTheUsual , do what you want and do it for yourself. Nature will ask nothing of you yet give everything of itself back to you.



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  • Melissa says:

    Yes! And I loved her response too! That post definitely had people talking but in all reality we all truly know who we are and I sure don’t need someone telling how “apparently” I live my life!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Melissa , at the end of the day if we create healthy conversation then that is great. We need more intelligent down to earth discussion amongst more people to bring us all together

  • Love it. Great point!

  • lynnlapasfine says:

    The article is interesting and personally I didn’t think it was a direct attack on any particular instagram user… Then again I don’t know anyone personally mentioned in it so perhaps I would feel different if I did. Personally I’m not a huge fan of instagram accounts that show unrealistic (to me) set ups.

    The good point that the article does make is that we should always question our motives. I’ve been on too many hikes/crags where instagram users spend so much time trying to get the perfect shot on their iphone or camera or go pro and it seems to me that they aren’t experiencing the mountains/outdoors at all. Sometimes it’s good to not just disconnect from social media but also put the camera away and just take it all in as you experience it through your own eyes.

    My most memorable outdoor moments have been moments not captured through a lens but through my experience.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the reply. I agree that we need to take the time no matter what we are doing and question what our intention is, from work to life and yes on that mountain top. Hope you have a fun weekend and appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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