I am fortunate to explore countless unique and amazing places across Western Canada. From the natural beauty of the outdoors to the historic and cultural aspect of the regions my trips take place. The Pipestone Creek Bonebed was something new and special that I could never image was possible to experience.

East of Grande Prairie in Alberta’s Peace Region you will find a world class Dinosaur Museum and palaeontology research facility. The Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum brings a unique hands on experience to the public which I eluded to above.

The experience I was fortunate to participate in was the Palaeontologist for a Day program. Thanks to my assignment with ZenSeekers I made my way to the museum and joined a few locals to document this immersive interpretive day.

My full story can be found over on the ZenSeekers website; Be a dinosaur fossil hunter for a day at the Currie Museum Bonebeds

Alberta’s Pipestone Creek Bonebed River of Death

During the day you will get a tour of the museum and then will be introduced to what we went searching for during our experience, Pachyrhinosaurus Lakustai. First discovered in 1974 by a local high school teacher along the Pipestone Creek, this horned dinosaur find was so significant it led to the creation of the musuem.

After the tour and dino introduction the real special part of the whole experience begins. You actually get to go hands on and YES actually dig for and if lucky enough extract the bones of the Pachyrhinosaurus at the Pipestone Creek Bonebed.

The bonebed is one of the densest mass fossil sites in the world. The size of a football field, hundreds of dinosaurs were frozen in time here. With the sheer size and scale of fossils the creek was nicknamed the River of Death.

Working alongside resident and visiting palaeontologists you will immerse yourself into what it is like to be a fossil hunter. You will also gain a better appreciation of what it takes to create the displays we see in museums across the country. A truly fascinating experience stepping back in time millions of years to the era of the dinosaur. Unique and special this will be a great memory for years to come.

When You Go

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is in the town of Wembley, about 20 kms west of Grande Prairie.

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