Situated at the mouth of Barkley Sound, within the territory of the Toquaht Nation, Secret Beach Campground is perfectly poised to serve as a basecamp for a plethora of outdoor activities – Tofino and Ucluelet are only a short drive away, as are many lakes and trails. 

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Experience the Barkley Sound Outdoor Fun Basecamp Destination

But most importantly, the site is the access point to the Broken Group Islands: regarded by a number of people as one of the world’s premiere spots for sea kayaking (an assessment near impossible to argue with!). A day trip to the Broken Group sees visitors gliding across mirror-like water and weaving in between myriad small islands, eagles soaring ahead. 

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All things considered, we’ve navigated the pandemic’s obstacles admirably, but not without varying degrees of heightened anxiety, burnout and fatigue resulting in no small part from lockdowns and travel restrictions. Now at the tail-end of the pandemic, with restrictions easing greatly, we have the opportunity to return to the natural spaces that many of us had taken for granted and recognize them in a new light: as grounding spaces of respite inextricably bound to our collective mental and physical well-being. There is no greater place to begin this process than the Secret Beach Campground.

Also worth considering: Secret Beach is still something of a hidden gem, and as such it retains an aura of authenticity seldom present anywhere else on the island at the current moment. You’ll find no congested crowds or overpacked beaches here; just the forests, waters and culture that made the island into the travel destination that it is today. Waking up to the gentle trickling of water and the reverberating calls of distant ravens, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that such a place still exists, and that we once again have the opportunity to visit it.

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  • Secret Beach Campground and kayak launch is approximately 1.5 hours from Port Alberni and only 45 mins from Ucluelet on BC’s west coast of Vancouver Island.
  • To book a stay, visit the Campground’s website and plan your trip today.
  • Basecamp out of Secret Beach for a Broken Group Islands kayak tour with Majestic Ocean Kayaking.
  • Don’t overlook all the great road side stops when heading west on Highway 4 to Secret Beach

Disclosure: This post was published in partnership with ZenSeekers , images and words by Jaiden George.

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  • K says:

    Let me start by saying that this isn’t meant as a judgement on you, but instead as a comment to maybe think about.
    As an island local, I am growing weary of reading the multitude of articles selling our backyard. Does it occur to the author(s) that the locals would like to remain small and remote? I’m pretty sure the wildlife would also appreciate it. Everytime these articles go viral, another remote wilderness gets slowly destroyed through overuse or development. If you are an islander, you must have noticed this, especially over the last year. I wish you well but felt compelled to state my concerns here.

    • Hi there, I absolutely share your concerns but to put you at ease for this I do need to say that this article was written in partnership with the local First Nation whom own the campground and Marina. They want to reach more people and gain more awareness for their beautiful facility and the work they are doing to connect people with nature. Again I appreciate your comment but this is all part of the Indigenous Coast BC campaign that local First Nations are working on to showcase their environment and economic development investments into the region. Together we are working to educate visitors and locals alike on stewardship of the land and to be mindful outdoor enthusiasts. Lastly, the title of the story might be deceiving but “Secret Beach” isn’t a secret, it is the actual name of the campground. Best Regards ~ Chris

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