Who gives a Buck

Some people just roll along with each day and never worry about the future, content to work their whole lives and maybe take a holiday here or there. I am so gratefule I stumbled across the FI or “Financial Independance” culture on the internet. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and Im doing my best to be part of it.

The simple philosophy is the radically increase your monthly savings rate and while doing so drastically cut your monthly living expenses. These two points drive most of my daily choices, it is tough in our day and age but I am very happy I am doing so…..also very upset I didnt do this sooner, heck even 30 would have been nice. Ive done this by selling lots of the stuff we dont need, stopped buying crap that is useless, carefully tracking spending and sticking to budgets, mindully investing excess cash at every chance and just opening my eyes.

The path to FI has also brought me across two other movcements that I like and my attempts at following them have felt great. They are the mustachian (MrMoneyMustache) and minimalism or living simply. I want to live as self sufficiently as possibly purchasing the few high quality items I need and live in a simple home that isnt full of the modern trappings of stuff. As you have seen in previous posts I would rather be outside enjoying the beauty of our amazing west coast life.

So, I have reduced my expenses drastically while increasing my savings. My goal over the next year is to continually push these even further so that I can look closer at maybe living a simpler life pursuing other passions and maybe start another side business. Who knows but the key is to start now and not hope the future fills your plate, only you can by making smart choices right now.


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