Will You ReWild Your Life?

Focus less on getting more and instead on reconnecting your Nature.

I broke out of the day in, day out cycle that society had convinced me was the only reality worth living. It can feel like there isn’t a choice…but there is. I made the choice ~ that YES, I must break free to find a better way.

That was a small excerpt from an article I recently had the pleasure of writing for the team over at We Are Wildness. A fantastic team of individuals with a simple yet profound goal. They describe their website as “A collective of humans striving to be more wild in an increasingly unnatural and disconnected world.”



The article is called Build a Foundation to ReWild Your Life and would love for you to take the time to read it and also explore their website as a thanks for them allowing me to share my beliefs and vision.

Chris Istace

ReWild Your Life ~ Chris Istace

Have a great day my friends #ExploreBeyondTheUsual

Cheers ~ Chris

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  • I love the concept of ‘rewilding’. I’m a Civil Engineer by degree, and I was taught to control nature, but now I want to focus on rewilding nature. I also use the term Primal Prosperity, because prosperity isn’t just about money. If we don’t have places to spend in nature, clean water, clean air and balanced ecosystems, we are not prosperous, even with all the money in the world.

    • Chris Istace says:

      Primal Prosperity, wow I really like that term. I think with looking at how we live in our money driven society and changing that path opens us up to accepting the wild back into our lives.

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