Make the Leap

Over the past year my wife and I have spoken about the “what ifs”. What if we sell this, what if we do that, what if we try this….Well, I decided that we should just do it.

Most of what we choose to do is done because society says this is what you do and how you do it. Well, the way to do things is to find challenges, unleash your passion and go for it, really take ahold of life and make a bold decision that defies the norm. Life is good for us right now and I would say that it is on autopilot, well sorry to say but I’m not a drone of society and life is about chances, change and experience.

We are uprooting our from the Prairies or the Flatlander life and diving right into the rich culture of Vancouver Island. We felt the time was right to embrace a move that would see us doing more great things as a family, embracing nature, living a more minimal life and shedding many notions of the modern consumerist society.  Yes it is scary, but you will never know in life until you do it. I would rather fail than be haunted by what could have been. As for work, I have presented an outside of the box approach to my employer and hope they support what I am aiming to achieve. I really hope that this works out, but as mentioned how do you know until you take that leap. New house, new schools, new friends, new environment, new weather, new attitudes….so much new and let me tell you I cant wait! I hope to update soon on how this big change is going. Take Care!

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