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I have such a large list of mountains climbed and so many stories I want to tell. The truth of the posts is that I want to create these big stories and then overwhelm myself into procrastination with my very own expectations. 


Well I have decided I will just give nice short updates on my trips from hikes and climbs to mountain biking and family days. This will be much easier and manageable I feel. Also thanks to Jill Collins over at Get On The Beaten Path about downloading the WordPress app for my phone, this will be so much easier (I wrote this post in a Starbucks).

With this small update now being complete here’s yesterday’s adventure.

Brandon (my son) and I caught the early morning ferry for a quick ride over at the Whistler Bike Park on the mainland . This is hands down the world premier facility and riding experience you can have for Gravity park style riding. We met up with my buddy Aaron from Calgary who came out for a mountain bike holiday and of course the BC west coast was his choice.
We left at 430 am in the morning and returned home at midnight , a long and awesome day! The riding was great , the weather was great and as always BC was beautiful. 

That was our day , we rode until we couldn’t hold onto the handle bars anymore 🙂  I will now try to get on giving you an update on my last big adventures and also my future plans involving the outdoors and a possible career change.


Chris #BeyondTheUsual

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