In my pursuit to live a more sustainable eco-conscious lifestyle I have optimized much of my life which includes what I eat. Now I may have just found an energy bar that can help save the planet, let me introduce you to Naak Bars.

Naak Energy Bar – Cricket Powered Protein

Back in 2018 I was introduced to Naak and their energy bar through my partnership with Altitude Sports. I thought that this would just be another cool thing to try. What I didn’t realize is that I would really come to love this brand, what they stand for and well, they taste great too.

Naak was founded be two adventurous athletes from Quebec right here in Canada. Much like myself as covered in my blog posts like ” My path to Sustainable Living ” , they had growing awareness in regards to our impact on the environment and the importance of how we consume. As consumers they thought, can we create sustainable development and responsible consumption?

Those goals brought them to crickets, yes that’s right crickets for their energy bar. Crickets are very nutritious and farming insects was more eco-friendly than farming animals for a protein source. Entomophagy is described by Wikipedia as the practice of eating insects by humans and is practiced 3000 ethnic groups and over 80% of the worlds nations.

I am currently only eating a meat free diet and not a vegan, I just focus on a natural plant based diet as much as possible. I chose this for ethical and environmental reasons, cricket protein and what Naak is trying to accomplish with their energy bar fits into this lifestyle choice.

How is Naak Energy Bar Helping the Planet?

How a Naak Energy Bar is making a eco-friendly difference (image from Naak website)

Cricket is a superfood for the planet. In terms of resources, cricket is much more sustainable than any other traditional animal farmed. There will be a lower environmental impact and less natural resources needed throughout the practice of insect at every stage of the production process.

From my reading across the web, the information on the Naak website was widely supported for their basis on why their energy bar is one of the most eco-friendly options on the market.

  • Cricket requires 12X less food than beef, 4X less food than pork, and 2X less food than poultry for a same weight gain.
  •  It is estimated that the production of 1kg of meat requires 20,000L of water for beef, 3,500L of water for pork, and 2,300L of water for chicken. On the other hand, only 10L of water is needed to harvest 1kg of cricket!
  • Not only does cricket farming require less food and water than traditional animal farming, it also requires 13X less land.
  • Cricket production produces 100X less greenhouses gases than beef farming.

Right now on the Naak website they have a running Environmental Footprint calculator showing how much an impact they have had so far selling cricket vs traditional protein ingredients. They have had a reduction on the environment so far at the time of writing this blog article at;

  • 293,727 kg reduced of GHG emissions
  • 13,645,585 Litres of water saved
  • 269,785 acres of land spared
  • 5,683kg of food resources saved

My Review of the Naak Energy Bar

As mentioned earlier in my article, I have been enjoying the Naak energy bar product line for some time now. From their energy bar to protein bar and now energy bites. They have protein powder for sale also but have not tried it myself yet so can’t comment on that particular product.

First off, let me say NO there is no cricket taste LOL . This energy bar pretty much has the same basic taste and texture as the other bars on the market. There is not a “cricket flavour” and if I didn’t tell you what you were eating you would never know.

Cricket is truly a Superfood ( image from Naak website )

The energy bars come in available flavours of choco banana, choco orange, raspberry apricot, coco macadamia and maple walnut. Each bar is 50 grams and has 180 calories with 7 grams of protein. I primarily have been using the energy bars as quick snacks or perfect for my trail runs. I have never really been a big fan of fruity flavours so my favourite has been the coco macadamia by far.

The protein bars come in available flavours of cookie dough, apple pie and blueberry cheesecake. Each bar is 60 grams and has 220 calories with 20 grams of protein. The protein energy bar is with me on all of my big day hikes and alpine climbs. It is with me on the days I need a bit more sustenance for the higher physical demands and when my days extend into the 12 hour region. I love all the flavours equally in the protein bar version.

My biggest enjoyment of the bars is that I have found all of them to be very moist and soft. The biggest pet peeve I have with most energy bars out there is that many seem to be dry and chewy. They are not a workout themselves to eat and I don’t dread having to force them down. I genuinely enjoy them and look forward them to a perfect trail snack or to keep my energy levels high.

The bars can be ordered in assorted boxes or a full box of your favourite flavour. Most importantly to me though is that fact that Naak sticks to their eco-conscious platform by offering all their energy bars in a bulk unpackaged option. I did this with the coco macadamia and my package of 12 bars came tightly wrapped in recycled brown paper. All I did was put this in one of my reusable containers at home and popped them in the fridge. When I needed one for a run or hike, I just placed it in a beeswax wrap and put in my backpack, hip pack or running vest.

Final Thoughts on Naak Bars

After well over 6 months of eating Naak bars I can honestly say that I will continue to do so with enjoyment and satisfaction. The taste, the texture and as mentioned the moist consistency are all winners in my book. When you add up the made in Canada, eco-conscious production and the great product I highly recommend them. #CricketPowered

The bars are available to order online from Altitude Sports for $3.49 for energy bars and $3.99 for protein bars while the boxes of 12 are $39.99. You can also find more selection and a few other products at the Naak Bars website as well.

For a final bit of fun insight into the brand check out this video from when the Naak Bars founders appeared on Canada’s hit TV show, Dragon’s Den where entrepreneurs pitch their product.


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