Canada Will Be Just Fine

You thought you had conflicting choices, concerns and thoughts with your Federal political vote on October 19th, 2015.

  • I live on Vancouver Island in BC
  • I work in the O&G Industry (for 20yrs now) based in AB
  • I own a small business in SK
  • I believe strongly in our Parks and their protection
  • I believe we create our own future rather than victims of environment
  • I believe we should work hard and not be punitively attacked for success
  • I believe we need to improve our non-renewable resources and diversify energy dependancy (innovate but not turn our back on these economies)

That is just a few things right there, these influences and beliefs aren’t met by any one party. Is there a New Green Progressive Conservative Liberal Party lol?

All you needed to do was vote for the individual that was best for your community and who has strong character while being most sincere and genuine in their intentions.

The country isn’t going to fall apart and the lights won’t go out tomorrow. Each party has its pros and cons but at the end of the day have faith that each of those candidates and each of those parties ultimately want the best for the country and have the best intentions for proudly serving our country.

Think with positive energy and optimism as once we have done what we can to control our immediate circle (voting) all we can do is control now how we react to our circle of concern. That is the bigger piece to take away and something you should practice daily.

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