In Canada there is a ongoing discussion on climate change, carbon taxation and how to combat environmental impact of modern Society. Much like the rest of the world is trying to figure out for themselves, how is change going to be accomplished?

How Do You Plan to Mitigate Environmental Impact ?

For many they speak about being complete against carbon taxation and that it doesn’t accomplish the goals and is redistribution of wealth. My only ask for anyone opposed to a carbon tax is to share genuine ways you support and believe in helping protect the land, air and water we call home. For that matter, when having discussion half the debate is stating your alternate means of achieving the same goal.

I wonder if we can agree that there are aspects of society such as pollution, excessive consumerism, food waste, large city impacts such as water and sewer demands, large scale fishing, deforestation, destructive open pit mining, growth for the sake of growth.

Changing How You Approach Environmental Impact

Do you have anything that you believe in?
Can we take the politics out of it?
Can we agree that humanity comes first and not make environmental change about money?

Be honest with yourself, what would you do if you didn’t worry about public perception, what makes you sad, what makes you happy. There are so many things happening in our world at break neck speed that I hope there is one thing that we truly feel is important and become inspired to do better in that aspect or be a proponent for change and awareness of it.

This blog post came about as I try to always facilitate discussion on my facebook page. I urged my friends and followers to never post or comment if they feel uncomfortable. The masses don’t need public declaration unless they feel it will help their position in a positive collaborative manner. Maybe they need support to hold themselves accountable to their path, heck I’ve done this before. Of course as well if you have ideas you want others to hear and feel it is honest, genuine and will benefit all.

Lets develop our own ideas and voices friends…don’t let politics or the media blasting at you determine your path.


Russell Brand and Charles Eisenstein on Climate Change & Environmental Impact

As I discussed the recent release of the Canadian Governments new Carbon Tax plan and of course the much talked about IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change I thought I had a solid attitude and perception. Then I recently listened to a podcast by Russell Brand as he interviewed Charles Eisenstein titled “Climate Change – What’s The Whole Truth”.

During my run, where I do most of my podcast listening in touch with nature, my whole perception was radically shifted. Here is a small excerpt from that podcast via Youtube to get an idea of the context of the discussion. Although, regardless on perception and approach I am 100% steadfast in my opinion that the sense of urgency is at the highest level. We need to act in small ways in our own communities which could be as simple as starting a community garden, riding your bike to work or implementing a personal ban on disposable plastic use.

The full interview can be found here on Russell’s podcast website; Under Your Skin Episode #50. To learn more about Charle’s you can visit his website also.

Four Pillars to Guide Your Personal Aproach to Environmental Impact

As long as Ethics, Morality, Compassion and Mindfulness is part of your daily life then I have hope and faith that you will do what is right for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

I will end this thought with a Nuu-Chah_Nulth principle that I have read several times.

For thousands of years Nuu-chah-nulth stories have taught about interrelationships between humans, plants, and animals based on the principle hishukish ts’awalk (Everything is one; everything is connected). This Nuu-chah-nulth value also ties in to ?iisaak which is respect for ?aw?i?ume (Mother Earth), and all things.

Environmental Impact Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

I shot this image on a hike where I found this teacher who brought his class outdoors to speak about climate change in an immersive setting. He is changing perception.

Continued Reading on Environmental Impact

Other articles I have touched on in regards to society, lifestyle choice and environmental impact you might like are; Striving Towards Environmentally Conscious Sustainable Living , Is Environmental Balance A Reality for the Trans Mountain Pipeline and The Environment starts at Home.

Let’s continue the conversation here or follow along on my mindful journey discovering the benefits of the outdoors, simple living, personal finance, sustainable living and mindfulness on social media. My Instagram account is @Stasher_BC as well as over on Twitter at @Stasher_BC . Use the hashtags #MindfulExplorer and #ExploreBeyondTheUsual so I can see how you are optimizing and improving your own life.


Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Good stuff Chris. With over 2.75 billion people (about 36% of the world), I honestly think the key to this lies with the futures of China and India. I’m not saying Western countries can’t do anything, they can do way more of course, But we’re already developed, China and India are not fully developed. India is not even close.

    Europe and the US have about 1 billion people. Having three and a half times that living like we do is what I think about. The numbers are the numbers, and China and India are developing fast.

    • China’s exploding wealthy middle class will have a profound affect on consumption and resource demands which is why I see China being the current world leader on developing sustainable energy sources and things like electric vehicle proliferation. That being said they still have a long way to go transitioning.

      I do understand the different in population size buy when looking at per capita, places like Canada and the US have a terrible track record of environmental stewardship and carbon footprint. I’m not one to point fingers and would rather focus on saying we can and must do better, we have the financial means to do so thus it is imperative we be world leaders.

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