For Only Today

Managing what life puts before you each day has become easier and healthier for me.

It came from a a full evolution of my thoughts and reactions by keeping my mindfulness simple.

Here is how it works for me.

The simplicity lies in that we must only be in the moment of now, our actions and experiences shape Tomorrow, its path is not set and should not control us. Therefore we should not let it worry or stress us.

If we do our best in the moment then the happiness of that thought will allow us to have no concern of Yesterday with the satisfaction of the now and the fact we did and are doing our best to practice mindfulness.

Vancouver Hiking East Sooke

Be mindful in your action ~ yesterday depends on it and tomorrow is a result of today

To quickly summarize….

Yesterday can’t be changed and act intelligently Today so Tomorrow need not worry you.

Have a great weekend friends and keep breaking the norm and act #BeyondTheUsual (yes share that)



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