Frugal Simple say what?

Our move has settled in well, our finances are in autopilot and my attempt towards a frugal lifestyle with continuing efforts to simplify gain momentum. The only problem I have is that I seem to always be chasing the next “thing” . It must be ADD or OCD lol but I constantly have to slow myself down and say “be content and appreciate where you are , what you have accomplished and be positive to those around you” . If I stick to this mantra things will be good.

With that being said things are going well on my plan for early financial independence (need not to work to meet my monthly expenses – look up Early Retirement Extreme, Johnny Moneyseed or Mr MoneyMustache to learn more) but I have a dilemma waging war on my thoughts. It is not wanting to change my job as it has put me on a fast track to this goal but it means I need to commute away from home for up to 2 week stretches. I knew this would be the case moving across the country from where I worked but I did so to move us a notch up the long range retirement plans. I mostly enjoy the job but I really enjoy being at home with the kids and my wife. I could quit my job but the trade-off I worry about is less income thus putting my retirement timeline much further away and being able to provide a few less things for my family. Heck, I’m even scheming on a possible self employment small business plan.

This isn’t a big stress item but is just something I think about as one of the newly enlightened to the life of living well below your means, minimizing, simplifying and saving. I will get there and I just need to stick to the plan and not over think the whole process. Stick to the fundamentals and let life happen.


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  • Dakota says:

    One of the hardest things for me is staying the course on projects or plans. Saving for early retirement is, and should be, boring. The nice part is that we can just focus on the fun stuff and automate the rest.

    That said, there is always the potential to accelerate it with a side business . Perhaps you could start there and grow that into a profitable enterprise that lets you shutter the day job, kill the commute, and be around your home and family every day. Easier said than done, but you’ve got it!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the insight Dakota and appreciate the feedback. I totally agree, automate the boring stuff and get out there and enjoy life. Reducing our expenses allows us more time to have fun and interact more on a daily basis with those around us we care about. As for the side hustle, working on it my friend 🙂

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