When setting out into the mountains it is nice to be able to wear a great multisport pant. The Helly Hansen Dromi Utility pant has the right blend of durability and performance to tackle your next adventure.

Gear Review : Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Pant

With 140 years of experience in the outdoors enduring the harshest of elements the Scandinavian born company of Helly Hansen is a leader in the outdoor clothing industry. Building on more than a century of creating product to meet demanding needs, Helly Hansen now combines modern fabrics and technology with their vast experience.

Summer outdoor adventures in the alpine started to go through my trip planning schedule. I was looking forward to a new pair of hiking pants that could meet my outdoor needs. That is where Dromi Utility Pant arrived to meet the challenge and could be put to the test.

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility pant gear review Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

The Dromi Utility Pants were right at home in the Vancouver Island mountains

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Pant First Impressions

Over the last year I have changed up my diet to more plant based so this season I would be having to pick a new size of pants. Helly Hansen doesn’t do waist size so I rolled the dice on a size small to fit my smaller size 30 waist compared to 32 last year. The fit was bang on for a 30 and would say a small is good for 28-30, medium 32-33 and large 34.

The length was really good and with a 30″ inseam fitting me best, the pants being just a tad longer at a stated 83cm inseam fit perfect. Helly Hanson calls the fit “normal/regular” and would agree with that except to state they leg is an articulated modern straight fit. For sizing reference on the small I wear a 30″ waist, weigh 150lbs and am 5′ 8″ tall.

The pants are made from a 94% polyamide and 6% elastane blend. This gives them a nice lightweight moisture wicking fabric that moves and stretches freely with your activity. I found that the legs absorbed a fair bit of moisture on my trips but dried off quickly.

For small details the cargo pockets on the legs hold a nice volume and will just fit a smartphone. The side pockets are deep but do not have zipper closures and then there is two pockets on the rear.

The pants do have belt loops if you prefer to wear a belt or need a bit more help tighten up the waist size. Last unique little touch is the small hooks along the bottom of the pant cuffs. This came in handy hiking through bushy terrain and not wanting to wear gaiters. Being able to pack one less item and keep debris out for your shoes is a plus.

The fabric of the pants still looks like new. It has stood up to all sorts of abuse and conditions including a hefty amount of scrambling on rocky terrain.

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility pant gear review Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

From the forest to mountain top the Dromi Utility pant is great in all conditions

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Pant Final Thoughts

What could be considered a con to these pants is one thing I liked about them. The material blend has a slightly heavier weight and blend to it which provides a nice unique soft cotton like feel to them. While this thickness was a bit much on hot days it did lend itself to me wanting to wear them more often as a causal pant around town rather than just on the mountain.

The backup hook closure is such a simple addition addition to just having a snap button on the waist. I find myself when i have a heavy pack or reach in awkward positions scrambling with strain on my waist that buttons can pop open. This never happened with the Dromi utility pants and liked that feature.

The one feature I didn’t like was the one cargo utility pocket being velcro and the other with a zipper. I would have much preferred a zipper on both pockets. Over time on high use pockets I find that the velcro tends to wear out and also pull on the fabric. I use my cargo pockets for my smartphone and sunglasses etc a great deal so it is important to function well and without worry.

Helly Hansen stated their goal was to create a “multisport” pant that is at home in the mountains. In my opinion they did accomplished that goal. I really enjoy the Dromi Utility pant and find myself always reaching for them for both mountains and casual. In the cooler months that slightly heavier fabric will be enjoyed as well.

I confidently recommend the Dromi utility pant to anyone looking to find a great everyday pant that performs equally well on the street as it does on a mountain top.

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Pant Specifications 

Official Manufacturer Specs & Features:
• Warp stretch twill weave fabric
• 100% Bluesign approved fabric
• Front slant hand pockets
• Active design for a multitude of active outdoor pursuits
• Three dimensional storage pockets at thigh
• Boot hooks at front leg hem
• Inseam length: 83cm
• High visibility inner waistband
• Front fly with YKK® zipper and jean button top
• Belt loops for additional self adjustment
• Gusseted crotch and articulated knee for full range of motion
• Fold up cuff with high visibility binding
• HH® right thigh logo

Retail Price : $99.99 (Canadian) Altitude Sports Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Pant

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The Dromi Utility pants also come in a short version for those hotter days of summer and for day hikes. Learn more here; Helly Hansen Dromi Utility Short . I wore these shorts A LOT this summer and they are super comfortable. From day hikes to around town on photo shoots they were my go to technical short of the year.

Helly Hansen Dromi Utility pant gear review Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

The pants come in a super comfortable short option as well


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