As an avid backpacker I am often on solo trips or join in as a single on group hikes. Most times my minimalist stove setup will work but what happens when you providing cooking duties for two people? That is where we welcome the MSR Windburner Duo Stove system to our available options.

Gear Review : MSR Windburner Duo Stove System

I am a big fan of MSR (Mountain Safety Research) and several of their products in my gear kit such as my Hubba Hubba NX solo ten, lightning ascent snowshoes and my trusty PocketRocket stove. Over time the brand has proven its performance and durability in my backcountry pursuits.

When Altitude Sports wanted to send me the new MSR windburner duo stove system my way to test out long term I welcomed the opportunity. Up to this point I happily used my own ultralight solo cook system that I had pieced together.

Combining the MSR microrocket from years ago (now replaced with the PocketRocket v2.0) with a small titanium cup and titanium pot I had a minimalist setup for my excursions. While this system is awesome for my needs it is not optimal for trips with family, my wife, glamping or adventure roadtrips based out of my vehicle.

Bigger stove, bigger pot capacity, measuring cup, lid and insulated integrated handle are but a few of the benefits when looking at a 2 person system.

Windburner Duo Stove System Official Manufacturer Overview

Windburner Duo Stove Overview

Windproof, modular stove system for two backpackers, minimalist trips and fast-boil meals. Featuring radiant burner technology in a windproof, modular design, this stove system offers backpacking duos the ultra-efficient performance they want on minimalist, pace-pushing trips, with the versatility to customize their cooking experience. The stove’s enclosed burner and pressure regulator deliver fast-boil meals and fast-brewed coffee in challenging conditions that can slow down other stoves. The included 1.8 L pot is perfectly sized for two, and nests all system components for easy packing. The WindBurner Duo’s stove fits all WindBurner cookware, offering a range of cooking options to support different trips.

Windburner Duo Stove Features

  • Ultra-Efficient: Windproof radiant burner and pressure regulator maintain stove performance in windy and cold conditions; faster boil times & more fuel efficiency than conventional stoves
  • Compact Nesting: System perfectly nests all components; fast-boil 1.8 L pot serves 2 people
  • Modular: Stove is optimized for all WindBurner cookware and a range of cooking styles
  • Stable: Anti-topple stove features a remote canister design and self-centering pot
  • Radiant burner with boil-to-simmer control
  • Room to nest 8-oz MSR® IsoPro™ fuel canister (sold separately)
  • Pressure regulator for consistent performance
  • 1.8 L hard-anodized aluminum pot with integrated heat exchanger & insulated cozy with handle
  • BPA-free drinking/straining lid
  • 0.85 L integrated bowl

Windburner Duo Stove Specifications

  • Weight: 1 lbs 5 oz/0.60 kg
  • Minimum Weight: 1 lbs 5 oz/0.60 kg
  • Burn time (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g / 8-oz. canister Appx. 95 minutes
  • Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g canister 18 liters. Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 1 oz. of fuel 2.3 liters
  • Volume: 1.8 liters
  • Boil time (MSR IsoPro), 1 liter 4.5 minutes
MSR Windburner Duo Stove and additional MSR systems

MSR Windburner Duo Stove System – The Breakdown

Where would you use the MSR Windburner

As mentioned I really love my micro rocket setup with cup and pot. I am one of those obsessive compulsive guys that always optimizes my kit to take up as little room as possible and be as light as possible.

While this is great for long distance hikes where pack size and weight make really adds up at the end of the day. With that in mind a minimalist kit just isn’t practical to me for many situations. A 2 person setup like the MSR windburner duo stove system to me make sense in these occasions.

  • backpacking as family or couple, often one person carries the tent and one can carry stove plus you need a bigger volume cookset
  • big roadtrips (like my 14 day national park tour) where I enjoy eating and sleeping out of my car.
  • camping at front country camp sites where you might enjoy the larger stove

Initial impression of the MSR Windburner

The stove is well thought out with one piece regulator, burner and stand as well as fuel nestling inside the pot (fits 4oz & 8oz fuel canisters). There is a cup that covers the pot airflow base when not in use and the pot also has a lid that works on the cup and pot. The pot itself has an insulated handy covert that protects the pot in your pack.

The windproof heating system of the pot base seats securely into the burner top of the stove. With the remote hose and regulator changes to the stove, the pot now sits lower to the ground with the fuel canister remotely attached.

Lighting the stove I almost got myself in trouble. My microrocket comes with a sparker ignitor and I could not get the stove to ignite with it. Luckily I brought a lighter and matches which easily ignited the stove. The stove burns very hot and clean so take care as it is hard to see the flames, exercise caution with others as they might not know it is lit when you are using the stove.

Measuring water for the pot is easy with the integrated cup that comes with the stove but the pot also has stamped in increments. Water boiled very fast and efficiently which will be great for times when fuel conservation is a must. The MSR regulator that is much like the one on my microrocket is a big bonus over other all in one pot systems. The ability to adjust the stove and be able to simmer water or food is a nice option to have.

I did notice that the lid is something you will want to ensure is snapped on tight to the pot. The insulating sleeve might hinder a tight closure so be mindful when pouring fluids with the lid. The large 1.8L capacity of the pot is perfect for two people, easily bring enough water to a boil for two drinks and two backpacker meals.

The weight I measured on my home scale of the system compared to my minimal system actually is not that much more. Coming in at 624 grams versus 299 grams for the my minimal MSR kit it still categorizes as a lightweight backpacking option. Both images below do not include a fuel canister in the weight.

To this point with my use of the MSR windburner duo stove system so far, other than not being able to use my ignitor I only had one complaint. The regulator releases a fair amount of liquid fuel when removing the canister. As the liquid fuel can give you a freezing burn I learned how to safely remove it. Hold your fingers tightly back on the braided hose and unscrew the canister fast.

MSR Windburner duo stove system gear review chris istace
Hold the braided hose when unscrewing the canister to minimize fuel contact on the skin

Final Thoughts MSR Windburner Duo Stove

Again MSR has created a product that I will be happy to keep in my gear closet for years to come. This will be my go to item for lazy days making lunch on the beaches of Tofino or on backpacking trips in Strathcona park with the wife. A convenient very light 2 person setup for backpacking that should be on your list of brands to check out when it times come for you to purchase your next stove.

If you do prefer to stick to a solo or a minimalist system I do want to point out two other options from MSR.

There is the smaller and lighter MSR Windburner Personal Stove or also you could pick up the Duo Stove system and just pickup the optional personal pot when on solo trips.

Or if you liked my minimal homemade kit MSR actually now created a ready made one with their Pocket Rocket 2.0 mini stove system.

Where Can You Find the MSR Windburner

MSR WindBurner Duo Stove System 1.8 L is available at Altitude Sports and retails for $219.99 CAD

MSR Windburner duo stove system gear review chris istace
MSR Windburner Duo Stove System available online at Altitude Sports


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