When the bugs start to fly in the mountains, rivers and forests your clothing can be the first line of defence. The mosquito resistant WindRiver No Fly Zone clothing is a great option for the outdoor enthusiast. Learn more in my review of this Insect Repellent hiking gear.

Gear Review : WindRiver No Fly Zone Shirt and Pants

Last year I discovered the No Fly Zone clothing when Mark’s Canada asked me to do a review of their new Windriver Line. I put the pants and long sleeve from the bug resistant line to the test. You can check out last years review here; WindRiver Gear Review: No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone® Insect Repellent Technology is a permethrin-based technology that converts gear and garments into long- lasting, effective, and convenient insect protection. The main ingredient, permethrin, is a man-made, contact insecticide, structurally similar to a naturally occurring chemical derived from the dried flowers of the Crysanthemum.

In the forest you will be sure to run into plenty of bugs

Impressions of the new shorts and shirt from WindRiver

The shirt and shorts from this years product offering had the same quality of fit and finish I experienced last year. Clean lines, the right amount of technical detail and most importantly comfortable fit. Explore the full Marks No Fly Zone innovation page here; “Reclaim The Outdoors” for more information.

The shirt fits a bit on the looser side through the body but is fitted across the shoulders. The material is breathable and soft making it comfortable during your outdoor activity with the added benefit of stretch thanks to the spandex. An important feature they added with the shirt is the vent across the shoulders to improve breathability. On the right chest is a zippered pocket which I found handy for my sunglasses.

The shorts fit perfectly for a size 30 and with the added internal draw cord you can adjust to your exact needs. The front pockets have zippered closures which I appreciate during scrambling and hiking to keep my phone secure and no chance of falling out. There are also two rear pockets with velcro closures to keep your contents in place. Like the shirt, the added spandex gives the fabric the right amount of stretch. In my opinion all active outdoor wear must have stretch for scrambling, crouching, bending and all the fun things we find ourselves doing outdoors.

Sizing and Fit

I am 5’8″ and 155 lbs and for this review was wearing the medium shirt and the size 30″ waist shorts. The shorts and shirt both fit true to size in my opinion, both with a modern athletic fit to them.

Luckily the mosquitos weren’t as big as the trees

Final Thoughts : WindRiver No Fly Zone Pants and Shirt

With the two layer system the clothes may be hot for strenuous hiking or in very hot conditions. So far this year my times out with them have been enjoyable, but haven’t been above 30 celsius. I have found myself often wearing the shorts casually around town as they look great and are very comfortable. The shirt can be a bit hot so it is more of a go to for moderate temps and hiking. I think adding some sort of armpit ventilation like the back of the shirt would be a big improvement for next year if they were to add it.

Around camp as well when you are relaxing from an active day in the outdoors you will be very happy you had the No Fly Zone shirt and pants. I am confident in recommending the WindRiver No Fly Zone pants and shirt. They are great for outdoor enthusiasts who loves to go on weekend camping trips and for the avid hiker or recreationalist.

Hiking with ease in the No Fly Zone shirt & pants as well as Rossland Hiking boots

Men’s Mosquito Repellent Shorts

Official WindRiver specifications

  • NO FLY ZONE® MOSQUITO REPELLENT TECHNOLOGYThe permethrin treatment used on the outdoor clothing is odourless and invisible. Effective through 70 washes
  • PLACES TO STOW YOUR GEAR – Zippered side front pockets. Back patch pockets with flaps and hidden Velcro closures
  • Mark’s Canada MSRP $64.99

Men’s Mosquito Repellent Short Sleeve Shirt

Official WindRiver specifications

  • NO FLY ZONE® MOSQUITO REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY – The permethrin treatment used on the outdoor clothing is odourless and invisible. Effective through 70 washes
  • UPF 50+ RATING
  • Mark’s Canada MSRP $69.99

I also will be trying out the No Fly Zone cap with neck shade. This will be a very welcome addition to my glacier and alpine travel this summer to protect me from the sun and keep the bugs at bay. Watch my social media feeds for updates. Check out the No Fly Zone Ball Cap on the Mark’s website.

Official Product Video from Mark’s Canada

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Gear Review Disclosure

I often review and support companies that support my efforts to continue to bring you photos, stories and adventures of the Mindful Explorer. This is a paid post in collaboration with Mark’s Canada. I was asked to test out their gear and provide honest feedback while letting you, my readers learn about their new product.

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  • Thanks for the review Chris. With tick-borne diseases on the constant rise here in the Eastern US I’ve been looking more into permethrin-based stuff. The friggin ticks scare me, they can give me all kinds of bad diseases and are so small I’d never see them. I refuse to let a tiny bug prevent me from enjoying nature

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