Instagram or is it Insta “I Can”

I recently watched a great short documentary from The Atlantic on living a simple life and focuses on the #VanLife story but it has subtle undertones about Instagram.

The reason I am sharing this is to highlight the comments that relate to getting out, meeting new people and being frickin passionate about something. Instagram has allowed me to connect with so many great people and honestly make some meaningful relationships. Instagram has a unique way of allowing you to see through the bullshit and fake people are easily identified while genuine individuals have a magnetism that draws individuals to them.

Shout out to people like Rumon Carter​ , Jennie Sprigings, Ian Duncan​, Dan Batchelor​ and Kayleigh Robotnik​ who I went for a great supper in Victoria last night with.All of them I brought together for a great sharing of stories and laughter last night, all of us connected via Instagram​ .

As for the video, I stumbled across it on The Minimalists whom I follow on Facebook.  Give them a read to see a fresh way to look at life and make every day intentional. This reaches back to some of my earlier posts that talked a bit about our move to BC and a search for a new way of life.

We have found that life and Instagram has been a tool for me to enrich the connection to a like minded community here on the island.

Give it a try for yourself……what are you waiting for?



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