Leading and Planning for the Outdoors

As more and more people strive to reconnect with the outdoors it has never been more important to emphasize the importance of proper education and planning. We often rush out the door to the next adventure without considering the steps for ensuring a safe trip is set into motion.

Trip Planning_Chris Istace_BC_Vancouver Island

Working as a team to summit Triple Peak

Thanks to great friends that have mentored me, courses from Island Alpine Guides and of course my membership with Alpine Club of Canada I have been able to develop a solid skill set allowing me to plan and lead successful outdoor adventures.

I want to share what I have learned with you and have done so via my recent published article for Live Out There on their blog.

Read the article hereHow To Plan an Outdoor Adventure

Have you planned and led a trip on your own yet?

Now that you’re prepared get out there and #ExploreBeyondTheUsual



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  • AndyG says:

    Great article – and I wholeheartedly agree that good participants can make or break a trip. Having been on many trips with Wanderung (disclaimer: I’m a board member), ad-hoc groups (where you might not know everyone) are usually fine for most simple day trips, although even then I personally like to check that people know what they’re getting into. A lot of hikers sign up for trips that they know nothing about – we try to get participants to do their own research, but that rarely happens.

    Certainly for anything more involved I think it’s vital to be choosy about who you go with, and I like to have a meeting with everyone beforehand to make sure we’re all on the same page.

    But mostly I just want to say that is an awesome photo! 🙂

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