Saying Yes to New Beginnings

I have been told that I have a tendency to chase down ideas, attacking them until they have been accomplished and then look for the next adventure. The phrase, “So what’s next Chris?” is often heard.

One could look at this in a negative light as I’m somebody that doesn’t stick to something or is truthfully passionate about it, I must only want to “beat it” . I don’t look at it like that though, I view it in a positive light ( you could say strobe light lol )

I look at it as searching out new experiences, new adventures, new people and a new way of living…. one could also say I’m trying to forever optimize my happiness and to me that’s a good way to live.

My path has led me through a crazy series of diverse experiences and roles by saying Yes to a single decision.

  • Small business owner ( sold 3 and still own 3 )
  • City Councillor
  • Member of Service Clubs
  • Director for Several Non-Profit Boards
  • Motocross Racing
  • Competitive Bodybuilding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Writer and Photographer ( I’m allowed to say this now right )
  • Lived and Worked in 3 provinces

These choices in life have always been enjoyable and I don’t think I could ever come up with a reason for not trying something new. The path behind me and the unknown trail ahead is what makes me feel alive and have a endless zest for life.

After reading a blog post this week from a fabulous writer and outdoor enthusiast Simon Lindley I was hit with a quote he shared from another author that I can’t stop thinking about. It is the reason and inspiration that I write this post for you today.

We are all one decision away from a new life – Author Unknown

This is so true if we are willing to say YES to those big decisions in front of us. Nothing is cast in stone , don’t let the unspoken rules that society tries to impose on us hold you back.

Keep in mind this doesn’t excuse you from using common sense, being responsible and ensuring your choices don’t negatively impact those closest to you.

I’ve been battling my own decision to change up my life to another path once again. I’ve made several radical decisions prior but this one is big for me.

Will I do it?

Will I act just as I have written above?

I really think I can say YES and hope you will follow along with me as I will certainly share it here on my blog as the new adventure unfolds.

Thanks for reading ~ Cheers Chris

As further reading to this post please check out Simon’s original blog that inspired my thoughts today. Simon Lindley – Going Gypsy

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  • Goody Niosi says:

    You’re so inspirational – a great writer and photographer!

  • Simon Lindley says:

    You are an amazing man, and an inspiration. Not only do you live the way I strive to, but you value your principles and recognize that decisions impact others. Yes is often my scariest word to utter, but my greatest regrets have all come from the times I have uttered No instead out of fear.

  • How funny … I have heard that been told about me too. Once I accomplish one of my goals or explore topic until I am comfortable with it. I move on to the next one… I change my IG name every time my interest changes lol
    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I am a curious person.

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