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It has now been one month since we have moved to Vancouver Island and I would like to say that the transition has gone well. Our plan of slowly reducing the the surplus of our previous life is taking shape and a much simpler life with an attempt to explore minimalism sprinkled with a frugal tone is evident. I am happy with this , my wife is on board, my son seems to be cool with everything and my daughter loves to shop (shes the tough nut to change) .

The biggest change since we have moved is no cable TV and I love it, the kids don’t mind and it feels better mentally. We of course do indulge in everything from the Discovery channel on Netflix but I enjoy the freedom from the daily news and advertising that is rammed down your throat on television.  The next change is trying to walk everywhere in our community but it was a fact that we kept in mind when buying our new home, it is easy to do everything on foot. It is very refreshing not to mention healthy making this change.

The big budget mission to minimize every possible monthly expense is underway also.  Slowly the last few bills and expenditures of our cross country move are coming to an end. Small fees keep popping up for new health care plans, driver licence and so on but the net savings will be improved. I do like the lower property taxes, lower utility bills and lower mortgage payment…this also were mindful things present when we choose our new home. Downsizing was good for these savings and also the fact that we need to sell alot more stuff, the house feels more relaxed with all these things gone.

The biggest hurdle mentally I have right now is selling all our motocross equipment, bikes and the transition from that life that consumed all our family time in Saskatchewan. But, as previously mentioned we made the move to give us more options for adventure that dont cost a ridiculous amount of money. So we will work to slowly sell all the bikes, gear and cargo trailer. This will free up alot of funds previously spent, some will go towards mountain bikes and nice new runners but the overall net savings and gain from selling items will be huge. Its tough but makes sense to experience new activities that make more sense for a more frugal and minimal lifestyle. The Island is a huge playground that offers endless activities that can cost virtually nothing, I will take advantage of this.

Lastly, I am happy with the amount we have put into our retirement accounts this last year. This works into my 5 year plan to be Financially Independant and to pursue fun work at my own pace when I see fit. It will take alot of hard work and very extreme savings rate until then but it will be worth it. From RRSP, TFSA to REIT to even rental properties our portfolio is very diverse and looks solid for the future. I really am happy that I found so many great blogs out there to educate myself on minimalism, saving, investing and frugal lifestyle….I wouldnt have what I do without them.

Have a great day everyone and I hope to get updates back on track as our simple lifestyle is now in drive mode and on its course.



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