The Calmness in Simplicity

Inspiring You to do what brings you Happiness

The quote that circulates around saying to quit doing things that don’t bring you happiness isn’t a load of bullshit. It isn’t part of a fad from “hipsters” or “millennials” .

I spoke often with someone about this and chasing down our goals and living a mindful life. They actually made this change in their life and I think started to live it to the fullest and then all of a sudden he is gone from us.¬†Life is finite people and I for one won’t let it pass my by.

Climb that Damn Mountain and let it stand for whatever you want it to

Please enjoy this¬†collection of black and white images of mountains I have shot over the past year. I look at these photos and they help me reflect on the feeling I have when I am there, the peace I find in a place that allows little room for error but makes you feel most alive…….this is where I find my Calmness in Simplicity.

How do these images make you feel?

Do you have an activity you do to find centre or a place you like to go?

Next time you go to this place or do that activity, think about your happiness and if it is being achieved.

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Vancouver Island Kings Peak

Kings Peak North Glacier

Vancouver Island Kings Peak

The North Spur route of Kings Peak – Vancouver Island

Mount Arrowsmith Snow Gully Vancouver Island

Ascending the Snow Gully on Mount Arrowsmith – Vancouver Island

Mount Arrowsmith Vancouver Island

View of Mount Arrowsmith from the Upper Cirque

Mount Septimus Vancouver Island

Descending to the North Glacier of Mount Septimus

Vancouver Island Mount Septimus

Final Ascent to summit of Mount Septimus

Vancouver Island Triple Peak

Northwest Summit of Triple Peak from the Main summit

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