20 Top Inspiring Canadian Outdoor Instagrammers

Discover The Top Canadian Instagrammers You Should Follow

The Social media app Instagram has provided the most positive effect on my life from time spent online. Furthermore it has been the tool that has allowed connection with other extremely inspiring people. These passionate Canadian outdoor instagrammers share such profound images and stories. Consequently it was a given that I had to reach out to them.

Over the years solid friendships have formed with many on the list. As a result a lot of time is spent together engaging in outdoor activities.  Meetings have occurred on fun instameets or tackling rad adventures. While the remaining few are ones with regular interactions with plans to meet in the future.

20 Top Inspiring Canadian Outdoor Instagrammers

Below you will find my list of accounts that you should follow. As a result you will find storytellers, adventurers and environmentalists. In addition you will find explorers, travellers, athletes and amazing photographers.

To be noted this list is in no particular order. Ultimately each of them share something unique and worthy of you clicking on their pages.


Erik is a kind hearted guy that calls the Canadian Rockies home. Most noteworthy his landscape photos, especially mountain sunrise images are at the best you will find.

Erikmcr instagram outdoors canada


Alex is a west coast rock hound. He captures incredible adventure photos from his time spent climbing in the rugged alpine.

aratson instagram outdoors canada


The tall bearded mountain man we like to call “Busta” is a passionate steward of the outdoors. His words speak to our need to respect the wild places we hold dear.

canadian outdoor instagrammer


Chad calls Canmore Alberta home where he can be found spending most of his time on a stand up paddle board. His dedication and passionate for raising awareness for men’s mental health issues is commendable.

inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammers


When it comes to being yourself and having fun in the outdoors nobody does it like Cody. Funny wit and good times amongst the Canadian Rockies and Kananskis region is where Cody is most active.

inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammers


Dan is an intelligent and insightful teacher by profession. Even though he calls Vancouver Island home you can find him exploring and sharing images from all over Canada.

inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammer


Ricky is the definition of hard work to make your goals a reality. His endless pursuit of all this awesome has him chasing tornadoes, hosting reality shows and being an all around rad dude.

inspiring outdoor instagrammer canadian


Katie is a warm hearted passionate soul that calls southern Alberta home. Her passion for travel has here exploring all parts of the globe through from her success on instagram.

inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammer


Ian is the image of wild west coast with his authentic look and feel covering such emotion in his imagery. Grainy moody surf images give a glimpse into a life that is built on the enjoyment of the little things.

inspiring outdoor instagrammers canada


Mark is the west coast shred master. Traveling the world with his time as a professional mountain biker he shares with us the beautiful places it takes him.

Canadian outdoor instagrammer


Luna is the cutest Australian Cattle Dog you will ever meet. Most of us love adventure and a great percentage do it with their faithful 4 legged companion. Luna shows us how to enjoy the outdoors with your faithful dog at your side.

dogs of instagram canadian outdoor instagrammers


Leigh and his wife Spring have given up the traditional lifestyle adopting a less is more approach. They spend their time pushing their boundaries of what is possible. From long alpine ski tour treks to climbing rugged coastal mountains from their home base in Squamish BC.

canadian outdoor instagrammers


What do we say about Rumon Carter? A profound storyteller that is able to convey mental imagery that is even more powerful than the photos he shares. An ambassador of giving yourself and time for causes. Rumon is a man worthy of your time and one to learn from.

outdoor canadian instagrammer


Stevin is the master of “epic” in his imagery. With a background as a freeride mountain biker and being involved with the most extreme backcountry snowmobilers in North America, the feeling of “Going Big” is evident in his photos.

Stevin Tuchiwsky canadian instagrammer outdoors


Taylor is the official holder of the biggest smile on instagram in my books. One of the most followed instagram accounts in Canada. His keen sense of composition draws you into his imagery. A world traveler you will be sure to be swept away to beautiful places in his photos.

Taylor Michael Burk instagram canadian outdoor photography


When I think of the PNW, I think of Tom Parker. Tom captures the wild west coast like no other and shares his love for the region with all his followers. From his home of Vancouver Island to the Redwoods of Norther California or the rugged Oregon coast you will be transported to amazing landscapes.

Tom Parker PNW Canada outdoor instagrammer


Amanda gives us a glimpse into bravely living life against the norm of society. Living in her van she helps us reflect on how we look at society and how we live our daily lives. Amanda’s message is one we should all follow and learn from.

inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammers


Caleb lives by the motto #WestMakesYouWilder . I can assure you that he actually does this by capturing every moment and living it to the fullest. Caleb urges us to enjoy our time and to get outdoors and have fun every day.

_Vanisland_ inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammer


Sarah is an adventure and endurance athlete. She pushes us to go that extra mile and to realize that our personal boundaries can be broken. Her inspirational posts we help you become better equipped to tackle any obstacle that may come your way.

wildseads sarah leads canadian outdoor instagrammer


My list wouldn’t be complete without adding myself. It was joining Instagram that allowed me to meet all the people I listed above.

Chris Istace Stasher_BC inspiring canadian outdoor instagrammer

Who are your favourite Inspiring Canadian Outdoor Instagrammers?

Share your feedback on this article and your favourite picks below in the comments. If you like these featured accounts and want others to enjoy them as well please consider sharing this post with others.

Now get out there and grab your camera to start inspiring others with your vision.

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