You Only Get to Be You Once

The network of people we choose to surround ourself can bring us up but it can also bring us down. Make sure that you fill the circle around you with individuals that will feed your positive energy. Create your community today, cut away the negative and replace it with vibrant change for the future.

One such person that I have been fortunate to encounter in my online community is Amanda from Tideline To Alpine . She describes herself as “An ordinary woman with extraordinary faith living in a world of magic” where she spends her time “Exploring from the tideline to the alpine with my rescue dog Frank.” Her mission states  “”Promote appreciation and conservation of our natural environment through photography and adventure.


The reason I have spoke about the importance of community, surrounding yourself with individuals that will promote your growth and then lastly Amanda all stems from a small piece she wrote recently. If I didn’t actively look to build my circle I would have never found her and chosen to follow her. I would have never read her words of inspiration and insight.

Tread lightly and follow the path of your dreams.
Go bravely into the unknown, have faith you will find your way.
Set your spirit free and pursue your deepest purpose.
The world needs that….
Nature needs that….
You need that…
Live with kindness, simplicity, and creativity.
Feel it all, stumble, learn and grow.
Embrace your uniqueness and walk the path of your dreams.
You only get to be you once.

Read this slowly, line by line. Let it sink in and try to think how each sentence can relate to where you are in life right now, where you have been and where you want to go.

Key in on the final line Amanda left us with….

You only get to be you once

I hope you choose to #ExploreBeyondTheUsual

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