Accept that Change takes Understanding

A little observation on my part today on being fortunate of having a large circle of friends and network of relationships from far and wide with varying viewpoints.


I see you post against this and against that in but I think we need to see some more posts for this and for that , if we change our words we change our perception. (quote that please)

Canada to me is know for one thing and that is its great outdoors which consists of tall mountains, deep forests, vast prairies and abundant resources. This puts us in the forefront of two industries, Eco Tourism and Resource Extraction. I honestly believe these can co-exist in our country but we all need to be on board for a solution.

You can’t live in your wood framed house and protest forestry.

You can’t drive your car to climb mountains and protest the oil industry.

You can’t go to the sushi restaurant and protest fishing.

What you can do is always make wish choices in your daily lives and as a start minimize your impact around you from making wish consumer choices, support local farmers markets, walk and bike more and for goodness sake recycle.

You can next understand that we have one the most advanced oil and gas sectors in the world and among the cleanest and best. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t demand these companies reach for higher levels and be ethical in all their decisions. These changes cost money and don’t be surprised when it costs more to drive your car. We need to transport product and this is a reality of our industrialized world. We can do everything better but if you are against anything how can we be for something better.

Let’s support our governments when they propose energy diversification projects and understand they won’t be cheap or able to meet all our goals but that it is rather at least a start. How many years has Honda or Toyota been making electric cars now, a long time and the cost has only marginally come down. We aren’t there yet but change takes time.

Lastly, we can start to understand that every single thing we do is interconnected and that even the simplest thing we take for granted creates ripples in our pond. Mindfulness begins within and once you start to control your reaction and action in this world the sooner you will be ahead.

Change requires doing something #BeyondTheUsual



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