Becoming a Backpacker in 5 Steps

The outdoors has a way of creating a connection that we become passionate about. We want to feed a desire to ReWild our lives as much as possible and search for ways to do that.

That engrained connection typically reaches a point where it evolves from hiking to backpacking. Now you are able to spend extended time in remote locations disconnected from the outside world.

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Being remote and immersed in wild places is something that I suggest we all strive to do as much as possible but we first need to get a few items in place to make that happen.

I go into details on how you can achieve this in an article I wrote for Live Out There on backpacking essentials.

These 5 essentials are

  • The Pack
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Clothing/Footwear
  • The Golden Extras

Head over to the article 5 Essentials For Backpacking Bliss at the Live Out There Blog to learn what these essentials mean and how they will open a whole new world in the backcountry to you.

Don’t forget to always have your 10 Essentials and of course practice Leave No Trace 



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