On the hunt for a short hike to enjoy a morning or afternoon on Vancouver Island? Well if you are and don’t mind a wonderful forest and a stunning waterfall then look no further than Ammonite Falls.

A nice relaxing hike through the forest on the outskirts of Nanaimo to the west of the city. Nanaimo sits on the eastern shoreline of Central Vancouver Island in British Columbia. A popular destination for local adventurers and tourists alike. The falls are located within Benson Creek Falls regional park and is managed by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Driving to Ammonite Falls in Nanaimo

Coming from Victoria traveling northbound on the Nanaimo Parkway (hwy 19) turn left onto Jingle Pot Road ( if coming from the north heading south take the left onto the second Jingle Pot turn). Drive until you come to Kilpatrick Rd where you turn left and follow for a short distance and then turn right onto Jameson Rd which you will follow all the way to Creekside Place.

Turn right here and find the parking lot immediately on your right. Walk back up to Jameson Rd and proceed down the logging road that continues to the dead end at the yellow gate. This is the trailhead for the falls, it should be noted that even though you can drive to the gate parking is prohibited and you will be towed.


Hiking to Ammonite Falls

The trail is average condition and fine for families with young children and dogs. The trail starts at the yellow forestry gate and follows the logging road. Stay to the right at the first fork on the road and continue past the Ammonite Falls trail marker post ( this is the return trail you will come back on) Keep walking up the trail and stay to the left at the next fork  and walk down the narrower grown in road until you come to the Ammonite Falls wood sign mounted high up on a tree to your right, this is where you head to the falls.

The only real hazards are found once you reach the falls. To drop down to see the falls closer than the overlook you must navigate down a steep creek bank on a trail that is very tricky in muddy conditions. There is a permanent rope hand line to assist people going up and down to the falls. This section is beyond the trail boundary so it is at the users own risk. Falls are best viewed after heavy rain or in the spring when snow runoff is at it’s greatest.

The total hike is roughly 4.5km and to enjoy yourself for relaxing at the falls as well as taking photos I would suggest allotting yourself 3 hours.

Ammonite Falls GPS Route

Follow the link below where I uploaded my entire route in an easy to follow gps track that you can navigate right on your smart phone. Download ViewRanger and enjoy the trails for yourself.

Photos of Ammonite Falls and Forest Trails to the Falls


Ammonite Falls Hike

Ammonite Falls Hiking

Ammonite Falls alternate trailhead for taking the loop route

Hiking the Forest Ammonite Falls

Diverse plants and trees of the second growth forest the trail navigates through

Animals of the forest Ammonite Falls

If you take your time and explore the trail you never know who you might find

Ammonite Falls and hiking dogs

Big or Small the trail is fun for everyone

Ammonite Falls Hike

Something to be discovered around every corner and behind every tree

On hot days and with the river flowing slowly Ammonite Falls is a treat to cool off in the shallow pool

On hot days and with the river flowing slowly Ammonite Falls is a treat to cool off in the shallow pool

Nanaimo hiking trails vancouver island Chris Istace Ammonite Falls

Other Day Hikes near Ammonite Falls

For more hiking trails that I really enjoy in the Nanaimo region you can check out the article I wrote for Festival Nanaimo and highlighted 5 great trails to visit. Favourite Nanaimo Hiking Trails to Visit During Festival Nanaimo

Also to note that the Regional District of Nanaimo has done many great improvements to the Ammonite Falls trail. They are now looking to fix up the descent down to the falls and elimate the rope section. Learn more here https://www.getinvolved.rdn.ca/benson-creek-falls

Do you have a favourite waterfall on Vancouver Island I should know about?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.



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