Big Change Smaller Focus

A little challenge for all of you out there following along on my various social media sources. I want your online posts or discussions to be full of genuine content in your feeds that showcase your actual engagement in your the community or outdoors.


Connect with Locals – You might just climb a Mountain with Them!

I find that we are so busy talking about what is happening around the world, across the country or in another city. I think it’s time we bring our focus back to community,  the immediate world around us that we directly interact with and influence as well as shapes our own daily lives.

I feel this will allow us to filter out the sensory overload in our lives and allow us to see clearly what should matter to us. By taking the time to engage with your neighbours, get involved with a local cause or just get out and walk to the park down the street you will be better off.

I’ve been thinking this way for some time ever since I read Mr Money Mustache’s post on his blog just over two years ago now. Give it a quick read and see if you feel as strongly about this concept as I do, then you understand the nature of this post.

MMM – How Big is Your Circle of Control

For me I will probably post content on a hike I might do or possibly a community event I am helping to plan with the local business community.

So to come back to my challenge, no silly memes – no outlandish news articles – no mind numbing cat videos . Lets start this challenge for a three day weekend starting this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see some of you giving this a go and will watch for your Facebook posts or even your comments back here on how it went.

I am sure this will be #BeyondTheUsual < (share this) for many of you.






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