I just recently returned from Vancouver Island to take our motorhome to our friends house prior to the possession date  of our new home. Before I made this trip I took it upon myself to have a few email conversations with the homeowners whom we purchased the house. I did so because when I went to view the home with our Realtor I had an immediate sense of positive energy and the “vibe” of the home was just right. I felt that this was both the home and the owners creating a unison on the mound of wood, dirt and concrete that made it so. I reached out to them and asked if I could meet them on Saturday and go for a coffee to chat. It appears that so many people treat home sales as a very impersonal thing but I would not allow that to happen in our case, it did not seem right. So our meeting happened and I had a wonderful time with them, we shared life experiences and the reasons behind both of our moves. I explained that we felt we wanted to do “today” what we saw in the future, the homeowners explained how this is where they wanted to be but life threw them a curveball health wise and they had to uproot and move elsewhere.

What this spoke to me about was that we should live in the present and chase our dreams, be positive to those around you and live a happy life that fulfills you. Too many people don’t dare to dream or take risks and if you play it safe a “CurveBall” might get thrown your way, never allowing you to do what you kept in your mind rather than making a reality.

They chased their dreams and went after everything in life, I felt that they were content and happy knowing that they were bold in their steps on a daily basis. I know we are being bold with our move across 3 provinces to ensure we leave what we preach.

What are you dreaming of doing? Why aren’t you doing it?, before you know it today will be gone, it will be tomorrow and your dreams will have been left on the table yesterday.

🙂 Chris

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