RePurposed Energy


For the last two years I had been immersed in a lifestyle that revolved around the gym. My goal was to be a competitive bodybuilder and I was committed and focused. This has changed as with my reading, thoughts, goals and quest for new experience has altered what is important or what my center is. I often worry myself that I am always seeking the next new challenge once I accomplish something, almost like ADD on a grander scale. I then reassure myself that this is what creates a healthy mind and life is the striving to constantly learn new skills and add new experiences. I haven’t become a couch potato and junk food addict by any means but I haven’t been to the gym in 4 weeks. I still eat very well and in moderation and hockey season has started so I am getting a great workout two times a week. I will probably find a nice local gym once we move or I may not, part of our move was to be able to do more outdoor activities so that I can reach my fitness goals while at the same time spending time with the family. Once the sale of our house, the purchase of the new house, working out my job schedule, the relocation and finally settling in I will get back to the gym. As the title of this post suggests, I have “RePurposed” my physical energy to support the heavy mental load I have placed on myself during this period of transition. Part of physical health is not allowing stress to control you and have a negative affect on your body. With the transition of my energy from body to mind it has become important to spend every morning reading and enjoying quiet time in an effort to decompress and let my mind relax. I also have been reading other great blogs like the one by Joshua Becker  where he talks about removing the clutter in your mind and your life. Once I am settled in our new home half way across the country I can shift back from mind back to body with the ultimate goal being balance and harmony of the two. Keep positive in your life and keep your mind and body strong and always smile.

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