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Over the years I have watched many motivational videos on Vimeo, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. The topics range from mindfulness to personal finance and of course my passion for the outdoors. I have shared some of these before and hope they will motivate and inspire you as well to live your life differently. So sit back, grab a coffee and give yourself time to take in all these messages and stories. If you don’t have time then bookmark this page to work your way through when you can. It is time to see life in a new manner and change your path and like I always say; #ExploreBeyondTheUsual

Completely taking in the moment on Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Mindful Explorer’s Top Personal Favourite Motivational Videos

Force – Patagonia

This one doesn’t really come across telling a major life lesson, I just love it for showcasing the power of being outdoors and the humility of nature on us. It is a story of success, fear, joy and growth as Patagonia describes it when talking about Mikey Schaefer following his climbing dream.

Make It Count – Casey Neistat

This one is simple, live your life to the fullest and make it count. How could that not be inspiring.

Trail Dog – Salomon Running

Another one that is important to me, it speaks to living a simple life and being mindful of the moment and where we are at in life. I honestly get a bit watery in the eyes every single time I watch this video. Closing your eyes and listening to the messages on life near the end is powerful, it hits me right in the heart.

This video actually inspired me to create a personal check list for my own path to mindfulness in a blog post. Here are those 6 steps I wrote down to improving happiness by choose to use the outdoors as my path to change.

  1. Happiness should be SIMPLE, accomplishments & money don’t define you.
  2. Be a MINDFUL EXPLORER, aware of how you react to the outdoors & people.
  3. Always Explore Beyond the Usual , learn from the journey and have fun.
  4. Reach out to new people, we learn so much by listening and interacting openly.
  5. Speak with enthusiasm and happiness when you do – POSITIVITY
  6. Live in the Moment and be an example for others – INSPIRE

Pete Adeny Mustachism – Chris Guillebreau

This video doesn’t totally fall in line with the rest of the motivational videos you will watch here in this blog post. I am sharing it though as finding the blog Mr Money Mustache created by Pete Adeney helped change my outlook on money and to pursue things that mattered most. This is achieved by changing our attitude and taking personal responsibility for our finances.

Pete states on his blog ” I’m try to get the people of the world’s rich countries excited about separating the idea of lifetime happiness, from the idea of buying expensive shit with which to pamper yourself.

I first shared this video on my blog back a few years ago in my post; Mindful Pursuit to Happiness Through Personal Finance

John Shocklee Fairy Tale – Yeti & Talweg Creative

This video follows up the personal finance video above as it speaks to societal expectations on money and career. I first shared this video in my blog post, Embrace Life Not Money.

Consumption and what we own does not define us. Living within a world that allows you to experience the outdoors and cover your cost of living is really where the bar should be set. I see others for the people they are, not what they own or what they do for a living.

Do What You Want – Casey Neistat

Yes this is another of Casey Neistat’s motivational videos but it is just so simple and fits right into my list that keeps me inspired. So important to know that we should just get out there and do what we want and realize that “we can’t” is often just a mindset. Just ensure you are mindful and positive in your actions.

Out In The Sierra with Kalen Thorien – Salomon TV

I try to tell others why I love time outdoors, often alone pushing myself to the limits. Salomon put together a great video with Kalen Thorien and I like that it shows that solitude is important for spirit and finding place in our messed up society. She says; “We spend a lot of time seeking answers, hoping for outside forces to propel us into an elevated realm of thinking, the simplicity of a walk in the woods can provide the impermanence that we so often overlook. Out there it is uncluttered and simplified.”

Is This Life a Dream – Alan Watts by TJOP

What if life is a dream and when we die we wake up? Alan Watts (1915-1973) explains inception and lucid dreaming in his lecture: Out of Your Mind.

I first listened to this video almost 6 years ago now, it is a serious lecture to reflect on and gets your mind racing with possibilities. I don’t know if its the Inception movie soundtrack and film playing in the background but I really enjoy it.

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)

Yes this may be just a music video but liking it so much I started to really dig into not watching the video and actually listening to the words. Pretty awesome video though so enjoy, Avicii created great melodies and is unfortunately no longer with us

What Are Your Favourite Inspiring or Motivational Videos ?

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