Amidst all the outdoor adventures I’m on and contrary to what my friends think, I do actually have a full time job. My employer has asked me to use up my banked holiday some as it is considerable in size. Well that sounded like the perfect reason to consider going on a solo adventure.

Going On A Solo Adventure


Going On A Solo Adventure

Where will I wander? – photo Ian Duncan

Therefore the first two weeks of December I have decided to pack up my vehicle with every bit of outdoor gear I have and head out on a solo road trip adventure. To keep things affordable the best travel plan is to setup my SUV as my hotel on wheels. I don’t plan on sleeping anywhere but in my vehicle or my tent. Of course the next important money saving thing to focus on is your meals, therefore I will make all my own food. Pretty easy for a backpacker anyhow as I have all the cooking gear I need to do this.

My plan is to do a loop from Vancouver Island towards Colorado and Utah and then towards California and back up the west coast. From backpacking, hiking, scrambling, climbing to mountain biking I will just let it happen.

I have some ideas of key places to visit like Yosemite, Zion, RedRocks and more but mostly plan to reach out to friends on Instagram to guide me along the way as a unique organic method to find the hidden gems. I also hope to use the terrific website by The Outbound that locals use to post their favourite adventures for others to find.

Going On A Solo Adventure

You never know what might find if you just Explore – photo Adventographer

Experience Going On A Solo Adventure

I guess I am just taking my own words and doing something #BeyondTheUsual and hope to share and document the whole journey through my various social media feeds (of course as much as free wifi spots turn up and allow) .

The easiest way to keep up with my adventures is on my Instagram account @Stasher_BC

UPDATE > My trip report is now posted Affordable Ultimate Western National Parks Road Trip

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