As spring transitions to summer it seems most people have a belief that they need some “new” in their life to go with the rejuvenation that is often felt this time of year. I might suggest that you spin this thought into a fresh way of thinking with a mindful simple life.

Summer means new patio furniture, new ski boat , new motorbike, new trip to DisneyLand or maybe a even new vehicle.

Happiness Through A Mindful Simple Life

I challenge to you to simplify and replace those items with new goals instead. Strive for change in your life for the positive rather than things that only add to clutter in your life or  create more to worry about and more stress.

These new things also drain your savings or even worse put you in debt which means you must work longer or harder taking away from time that can be spent outdoors and doing things you love.

Vancouver Island Fall Hiking Mindful Simple Life Chris Istace

Everything is simpler in the forest ~ Explore Beyond The Usual

Make “new” this season a series of simple changes in your routine as it will.

Enrich your life for the better by reconnecting to the outdoors.

Reduce your stress worrying about spending money.

More time available for fun by not having to take care of your new stuff.

Here are some suggestions to make summer simpler

  • cancel cable tv for July & August, it will save money and create less distraction
  • walk to work one day a week or bike if it is a bit further away
  • wake up 1hr earlier every morning to read (for fun or learn something new)
  • have a garage sale, it will clear clutter from your home and earn some money
  • join a local outdoor club, a like minded community is inspiring and fun too
  • spend every weekend outdoors, challenge yourself to visit a new park each time
  • go one week with eating every single meal at home and packing work meals
  • make your holiday a car camping trip instead of expensive flight or hotels
  • volunteer with local organizations if opportunities pop up

Use this summer of new to really challenge yourself towards this road less traveled. Hopefully it connects with you in a way that becomes lasting. You may just want to keep adding extra months to the suggestion list above and to add even more items to it.

Happiness Through A Mindful Simple Life Chris Istace

You can optimize your Habits in a Mindful Simple Life

Without even knowing it the following will occur

  • more fit and healthy
  • make new friends
  • develop a new skill
  • more relaxed and stress free
  • more money in your savings
  • more time to pursue your passions

Remember the easiest way to make a change stick is to develop a habit or routine. I wish you the best of success and look forward to hearing from everyone after summer to

Do you think I missed anything on my list? What are you most excited to give a try?

Have a great day and remember to #ExploreBeyondTheUsual

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  • Nadine says:

    I LOVE this post. Your ideas have been things that have been occupying my thoughts as well, namely in the sense of simplicity and reminding oneself of what is really important in life (not material possessions, but rather EXPERIENCES… especially with people you care about). Actions, as you listed, are far more rewarding than purchasing new items. Great post.

  • Bill T says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful Blogs Chris, there are truly thought provoking and inspirational for sure!



  • I would add enjoy the beautiful summer nights. I guess its all relative to where you live but here in Austin, the nights are way better then the days. Its too darn hot during the day. 🙂

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