Shrink Your Pond

When we moved across Canada to our new home in Chemainus on Vancouver Island we had a vision in mind. That vision was a community that was small but still had all the day to day necessities and was walkable for everything. We can walk to all the grocery stores easily, doctors, dentists, shops, theatre, ocean, parks, library…heck you name it. I wanted to be able to park the car and not need it at all throughout our day to day activities unless we had a big outing planned. We would walk every other day to get groceries which had the benefit of wasting less food and eating healthier as we had to carry everything we bought, therefore purchases were intentional. Walking to go everywhere gets you out in the community, you get to interact with your neighbours and the best part is its healthier too. So if you get the chance why swim in a huge ocean when you can be content in a small pond with everything in close reach. Lets make a change back to the sensible days and think about where you choose to call home.


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