Many avid social media users nowadays often follow adventurous people doing amazing things. They follow people they admire and appealing lifestyle that you want to enjoy. With this constant technological visual assault it has never been more important to maintain a healthy social media self image. In this article we jump into some steps to be mindful of and seek progress not perfection.

Social Media Self Image : Seek Progress Not Perfection

As a photographer, outdoor enthusiast and a traveler I am a passionate user of Instagram. I upload my photos and showcase beautiful places or things I have done, part visual part storyteller. Equally I love the platform for the images and stories that those I follow are sharing. I seek inspiration from it and learn so much from the diversity that Instagram offers.

That being said, with social media comes another side that we must be ever mindful of. Stay grounded and maintain a rational self-awareness. Be sensitive to the feelings or actions you may be gravitating towards that are feeding an unhealthy self-image.  Social Media platforms with the stories and images that its users are sharing is only one small glimpse into who they are or where they may be in their life. I feel strongly about this and have actually touched on it before Mindful Authenticity : A Path to Good Social Media Health

Stepping back to Instagram that I mentioned already, I tend to scroll through and try to read every caption that those that I follow post. Most times it is just a description of where they were or a bit of a story of what they were doing. Then there are the times that positive messages are shared with others on the platform.

I have always said we should be Mindful Explorers in life, searching to inspire and guide others to act with outrageous positivity. Well that is exactly what I saw when AnnieGirl posted on her Instagram feed earlier this week that spoke to people’s social media self image.

Instagram AnnieGirl Social Media Self Image Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

@Anniegirl enjoying the PNW mountains

Steps to Strive for PROGRESS Not PERFECTION

A lot of us get so fixated on where we WANT TO BE in life vs where we ACTUALLY ARE. I feel like It’s easy to fall into the jealously trap of others (especially on social media).

“ I would love to be in shape, how I’d love to travel the world, man I would kill to have my own online business, if only I had more money……”  

blah blah blah – we all see it & we all experience it. I’ll be completely honest – I’m not immune from this by all means. However I have learned how to control it & turn it into something positive.

1.Instead of practicing envy/jealously, learn to turn that energy into JOY & HONEST ENCOURAGEMENT for other people’s successes. Use your words & your vision to encourage & support with one another!

2. Understand it’s ok to DREAM BIG – but those dreams DON’T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT. Yes, your goals are attainable but it’s going to take serious TIME & DEDICATION. Lots of persistent daily goals are going to ADD UP TO those big dreams you are so worthy & capable of.⠀

3. DON’T get discouraged if you aren’t where you want to be – instead, try using people’s accomplishment to INSPIRE & MOTIVATE you. Think,  “If they can do it, I can do it”.

4. Set up a GAME-PLAN & most of all FOCUS ON YOUR PROGRESS.  At the end of the day, write down all of the things you HAVE accomplished (even if they are small) & prepare yourself for another beautiful day of growth & adventure.

Life seems fast paced & increasingly challenging these days – but stay kind & stay positive! With hard work & a positive attitude everything ends up working out!  #30DaysOfThriving

Have You Considered Your Own Social Media Self Image?

From reading this I hope you can find some a new sense of centre. A refocusing of your self image to be able to enjoy what you see in social media without chasing an unhealthy self image. I think Annie really nailed it home when she said that you don’t need to be anyone else, look like anyone else or do what they are doing.

Step back, figure out what you really want and draw inspiration from them. Come up with your goals, build the plan and then execute. Do it for yourself and use social media to inspire you rather than cloud your self image.

Thanks again to Annie for sharing with us her words. Please swing by her instagram account, hit that follow button and be sure to watch for her powerful and supportive captions. That’s where the magic is.

Be a Mindful Explorer and maintain that healthy social media self image!


Enjoy a few more photos from Annie before you go and don’t forget I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

Instagram AnnieGirl Social Media Self Image Chris Istace Mindful ExplorerInstagram AnnieGirl Social Media Self Image Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

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  • Crystal Frankenbery says:

    Love this blog post! It can be detrimental using Instagram sometimes because I have this feeling that if I see someone outdoors and I am not, I’m not doing what I love. That’s why I only follow people who make me feel good and happy! (Annniegirl being one of them ?)

    • Chris Istace says:

      Crystal, love it … yes do it for yourself and because it brings you happiness and feels good. Annie really created a captivating post on Instagram and I’m glad you already follow her and hope you saw the original post there. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts with me and my readers. Cheers

  • A lot of us get so fixated on where we WANT TO BE in life vs where we ACTUALLY ARE.

    Awesome post Chris! Before social media, I would still get my inspiration from amazing pictures of mountaineers or cyclists. But back then, they would come in the form of a magazine delivered to my door every month. And the folks pictured within were mostly pros, and getting paid to do it. It was different.

    Now, we’re bombarded with EVERYONE doing these things!! When you compare, it can seem to us older folks who remember the dark ages before social media that everyone has upped their adventure game except me!! For me, I just have to turn the noise off, which means to limit my use of them. But the points you highlight here are also important to think about to “curb the FOMO”

    • Chris Istace says:

      It is really tough to be aware of why you are doing something and if it is for the right reasons. As someone who creates content I have to be super mindful of this and check myself every so often.

  • Liz says:

    My 14 year old is a cyclist – racer and recreational. He follows every possible Instagram of XC biking, Cross, and Downhill around the world. He’s building his own Instagram account to reflect his progress and achievements, and being fuelled by the goals of others. He’s using it wisely, so far, and learning along the way.

    • Chris Istace says:

      That’s awesome to hear and be sure to check in and see that things are on track. As an athlete some good networking and feedback can actually occur if social media is used as a tool for growth.

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