Some of us wish there was only one long warm summer season. Unfortunately the reality is that seasons do change and we should be ready for the cold weather of fall and winter. The Mountain Hardwear Super/DS StretchDown hooded jacket helps you stay warm and remain active even on the coldest of days.

Gear Review : Mountain Hardwear Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket


Mountain Hardwear Super/DS Stretchdown Hooded Jacket Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

The Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket is at home in the alpine when the weather cools down


Mountain Hardwear Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket Overview

There is years of research and technology plus good old use and abuse from outdoor enthusiasts that have culminated in the new men’s Mountain Hardwear SUPER/DS StretchDown Jacket.

Mountain Hardwear has released a stretch-baffle construction makes this the first puffy jacket to weave face, back and baffles from a single piece of fabric. The result is no bulky glues, no heat-losing stitched seams prone to failure, and down that stays in place.

Keeping you ready to face the cold is Q-Shield 800 fill power with the most important Responsible Down Standard-certification. The down is a powerful insulator with phenomenal loft and is moisture repellant.

The jacket has an Alpine fit which means the following features. An insulated, low profile hood with better sightlines that easily fits over climbing helmets. The zip hand pockets that are harness-compatible (meaning higher up from the bottom cuff) and are suited to everyday use. The waist cuff of the coat is cut higher to accommodate climbing harnesses and has adjustable draw cords. Lastly, the zip chest media pocket has a media headphone port.

Mountain Hardwear Super/DS Stretchdown Hooded Jacket Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

Scrambling, climbing, hiking or skiing is no problem with the Super/DS StretchDown

Mountain Hardwear Super/DS Stretchdown Hooded Jacket Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

When the winds pickup or the snow begins to blow the helmet compatible hood is a great ally

Mountain Hardwear Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket Final Thoughts

Hands down the single biggest detail of the Super/DS StretchDown hooded jacket is well, how much it stretches! Grab the coat and give it a pull and you will be amazed, I have had several puff coats before and none had the stretch and mobility this jacket has. The fabric also is very durable and I’m not afraid to scuff against rocks or bushwack through the forest like I am with the more rigid nylon puff coats.

The 800 down loft is a must have for the cold weather of winter. Comparing to 600 down coats it just doesn’t compare and the nice thing about 800 down is it doesn’t add anymore weight. With the seamless and stitch less design that Mountain Hardwear came up with I really appreciated the fact the warmth is even and there are no cold spots.

Packed tight into my backpack the jacket compresses nicely and takes up very little room. Weighing very little but packing a big warmth punch you will not debate stuffing this into your pack for every trip.

If you are looking for a new down coat this season, seriously consider the Super/DS StretchDown hooded jacket. Durable, comfortable, warm and freedom to move are what come to mind immediately to summarize Mountain Hardwear’s newest jacket. I confidently recommend this coat if you are in the market to upgrade or replace your current down jacket.


Mountain Hardwear Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket Specifications

Features :

  • Stretch-bonded channel construction
  • Water resistant Q Shield
  • 800-fill power down
  • RDS certified
  • 2 zip hand pockets
  • Zippered chest media pocket
  • 1 inner drop pocket
  • Alpine fit, hip-length cut
  • Mountain Hardwear official manufacturer overview
  • Altitude Sports overview

Fabric :

Outer Shell; 85% nylon 15% elastane Lining; 85% nylon 15% elastane Fill; 90% goosedown 10% goose feather

Price :

$349.99 (Canadian) available at Altitude Sports here; Super/DS StretchDown Hooded Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Super/DS Stretchdown Hooded Jacket Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

The streamlined alpine fit and stretch stitch free down baffles make the jacket extremely comfortable


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  • You gotta stop sharing great winter gear here while I’m trying to keep up my clothing ban… a great winter jacket with a hood that doesn’t blow off my head is something I’m definitely missing.

    • As an outdoor enthusiast like myself you know there is no substituting high quality gear, it just flat out performs and lasts a lifetime. My plan of attack would be looking at my current gear, what can I sell, what doesn’t meet my needs and can I buy what I need used first. Then if it meets your needs criteria then execute on it. Of course our outdoor gear is often multi functional as we can often wear them everyday 🙂

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