The Why of the Mountains

I have a terrific circle of friends and also very fortunate to have a large following of people on my social media feeds. Through reading terrific blogs and watching enlightening videos I have come to realize something that I vaguely noticed over the last two years. I have discovered my why of the mountains.

I believe people follow my mountain adventures for a reason.

People don’t want to know HOW I climbed the mountain, They are inspired by WHY I climbed that mountain.

My story or my WHY is based on the continued efforts to spread my idea of “Beyond The Usual” within my Circle of Influence. I want to inspire others to look at their lives and ask that “Why “and to find what speaks to them that is Beyond The Usual.

My why is that I felt life was in a bit of autopilot and I was trying to fit into the pre determined mold that society wants us to fall in line with. I was just set to keep on doing the same thing each day each month each year and realized that this wasn’t the way I wanted the future to unfold before me.

My first step was moving across Canada, to challenge myself with new places and new people. This forced us to look at the world around us with a fresh perspective and also appreciate a new regional attitude and awareness.

Chris Istace Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake – Yoho National Park – BC

The next step was choosing to get out into the outdoors and reconnect with the wild places beyond our highways and cities. Vancouver Island in all its diverse rugged beauty made this easy. I speak more about my passion for the amazing nature of British Columbia here. People of The Wild – Destination BC

This connection to outdoors which happened in my case to be Mountains allowed me to see that my Beyond The Usual was the disconnecting from the unnecessary hectic pace and over stimulation of our daily lives. The mountains and the scale of perspective on just how simple and small we really are creates a powerful sense of awe for me that beckons me to return time and time again.

A great place I have found for seeing more of this connection is We Are Wilderness where I wrote an article for them on my path to ReWild my Life.

I want to cultivate my connection to nature, I want to spread positive energy, I want to educate people on their circle of influence and lastly inspire others to find their Beyond The Usual.

Chris Istace Bugaboo Glacier

Bugaboo Glacier and Houndstooth Spire – Central British Columbia

This is my WHY

I want to thank Jim from the blog Wallet Hacks for his post that I read Why Do You Work which inspired this post. Within his writings he led me to a terrific TedX video from Simon Sinek and urge you to watch and listen to what he has to say.


I hope this has you asking your very own WHY now and don’t wait to for tomorrow to challenge yourself on this topic. Do the Beyond The Usual today, you won’t regret it.

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  • directorb says:

    Great post! Your “why” is so important.

  • Kelby Martin says:

    Really enjoyed this post. Most definitely agree with the why. Too many people are interested in the details, the what and how and they have no idea why they do it. When the why is solidified; the what and how doesn’t matter,you just do. It becomes the rallying point of attraction of like minded people. Simeon seminik’s book and TED Talk “it starts with why” really hits home with everything you have mentioned. Truly enjoyed this post, keep doing your why!

  • Jim says:

    You’re very welcome! Finding your why is crucial!

    This is the first time I’m discovering your blog but the message resonates – it’s very easy to fall into the usual, a rut, whatever you want to call it. Challenging yourself (even just to think about it) is important, it’s how you can grow. Love the message.

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