Three Pillars to Good Health

All the topics you read at Mindful Explorer speak about working purposefully to achieve our goals in life. To achieve these goals we need a good foundation and they are my three pillars to good health.

Three Pillars to Good Health

Goals are important but have you thought about making sure your foundation for achieving these goals is in place?

Three Pillars to Good Health Chris Istace Chemainus Lake

Hiking Chemainus Lake – a great way to exercise in the Outdoors

The Foundation of the Three Pillars To Good Health

  1. BodyFit and healthy . A person that is outdoors regularly via hiking or cycling as common examples provides us with the simplest access to exercise. As we all know the more we exercise, the healthier we become. It then creates less chance we will become sick or be stricken with many of the health issues facing North American societies.
  2. Mind Positive outlook and free from stress. Spending time outdoors frees us from the stresses and negative stimuli that we confront on a daily basis. Our minds need the time to be in a calm state and not feed bad energy into our body. Relaxing in a quiet outdoor location allows our minds the chance to reflect on our path to mindfulness which creates a strong mind that can mitigate stressful situations more easily .
  3. Fuel Provide your body and mind with good energy sources. Like an engine, humans can only produce based on what we put into them. Let us then focus on eating healthy whole foods keeping as much processed and junk foods out of our systems as possible. Control the sugars we subject ourselves too , looking to natural sources for our sweet cravings such as fruits. In addition to food we need to feed our find with nourishment. We can accomplish this by reading and learning continually , by avoiding stressful situations and by practicing mindfulness.


Make a pledge to yourself to start improving your pillars so that what you build upon your foundation doesn’t come crashing down. There is no better time to make this pledge than tomorrow on April 7th which is World Health Day . This year WHO is focusing on diabetes as the health awareness topic and our newly created pillars puts us on track to battle this disease.

Cotopaxi are friends of the Mindful Explorer and they stand proud behind World Health Day. What will you do for yourself on World Health day and to bring awareness to others and inspiring them in the process?

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Three Pillars to Good Health


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  • What is your favourite activity outdoors?
  • What do you do to calm your mind?
  • What is your favourite topic to read and learn about

I look forward to joining you as you strengthen your pillars and leap into action on April 7th.

Regards ~ Chris ~ The Mindful Explorer


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  • dakotag says:

    Nice one, Chris! Stoked to see you writing again.
    -Mountain biking=favorite activity
    -Solo exercise outside=calming my mind (since I’ve slacked on meditation this last year)
    -I read everything! Biography is great for insights into cool, driven people.

  • Miss Mazuma says:

    Such a simple premise but so difficult for many of us to follow. Just when I think I have one thing under control I get lax about another. I like this pillar idea…a tripod only works if all three legs are even and strong. Thanks for having me look at it from another angle. 🙂

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