Mark’s WindRiver Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing

For those that follow along here on my blog know that I have had the opportunity to review Mark’s WindRiver products in the past. The tick and mosquito repellent clothing for this season has seen some changes that I see as big improvements. The line has also been expanded for the type of apparel being offered. This overview will shed some light on the No Fly Zone® technology embedded into the clothing as well as what I liked the most about the updated styles and features.

Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing
Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing perfect for those insect rich forests

What is No Fly Zone® Technology?

No Fly Zone® technology provides odourless, long-lasting and effective protection against ticks and mosquitoes. It is effective for up to 70 washes and this durable technology is a proven way to help prevent tick and mosquito bites while outdoors. Mark’s achieves this by using permethrin-based technology that converts gear and garments into long- lasting, effective, and convenient insect protection. The main ingredient, permethrin, is a man-made, contact insecticide, structurally similar to a naturally occurring chemical derived from the dried flowers of the Crysanthemum.

The most important update for this year on the Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing is a big one. Health Canada previously recognized the line for its mosquito repellent qualities but had not enough information to allow WindRiver to officially state they helped keep ticks away. That has changed and now with Health Canada approving Mark’s to promote the tick repellent qualities. This is great news for decreasing the risk of contracting tick borne Lyme disease.

Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing
Great addition of the under arm vents on all the shirts

The New and Improved Clothing Line

My main activity in the outdoors tends to focus on mountaineering with plenty of backpacking and hiking. Thus my clothing preference is more athletic fitting, not overly loose and needs to have breathability as well as stretch. I touched on how the pants were too baggy, bulky and long in my first review. Then in my following year review I touched on how the shirts badly needed armpit ventilation.

I am pleased to update that Mark’s WindRiver has really been paying attention. Clearly their design team is listening to customers and watching what the traditional alpine clothing companies are doing. As an avid user of this type of apparel I picked up on the details and changes right away.

Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing
The WindRiver jacket was one of my favourite pieces in the line

Pants Shorts Shirts Jackets and More

The pants this year were a perfect fit and all my concerns from my original review were gone. I wear a 30″ waist and this seasons pair fit true and even came in a 30″ inseam. They no longer are baggy and oversized, they have the athletic styling and slimmer fit I love. On the waistband you will now find an elastic integration to help the wearer with a better fit. Zippered legs were new to me this year and will be a welcome hiking addition in early spring or late fall where cool nights or mornings are common.

The shorts are even better than last year, to me this is a good achievement as I still wear last years shorts to this day. The improvements to me were adding the elasticized waist and dropping the internal draw strings. They also removed the velcro pocket closures in favour of zippers and snaps which is an improvement in my opinion. Both the pants and shorts have 4 way stretch thanks to spandex woven into the fabrics. A must for Wind River’s typical active customer. On both the pants and shorts are nice easy to use rubber tipped pull strings for all the zippers.

Yes, the shirts remain a bit on the heavier side due to the permethrin fabric lining. That being said the improvements continue here, the most notable was the addition of sizeable ventilated underarm zones. The shirts are offered in both long sleeve and shirt sleeve. For the long sleeve they kept the roll up button fastener to keep them in place. Tweaked for this year is also the nice slim zippered hidden side pockets perfect for snacks, maps, wallet and even fit my iPhone7 plus.

I was familiar with all the tops but new to me this year was the Jacket. A terrific all around package and I was hard pressed to find a single thing that would have me not recommending it. A very soft fabric, drawstring waist, cinch-able hood, elastic cuffs, zippered pockets, zippered armpit vents and 4 way stretch. The only thing I can’t comment on is if the coat has any dwr or water resistant treatments.

To round out the whole package WindRiver has added ball caps, bucket hats, outback hats, caps with neck flaps and bandanas to the line up. It should be mentioned that on top of the insect repellent features all the clothing features UVA and UVB blocking technology to protect from the sun.

tick and mosquito repellent clothing hats No Fly Zone
Outback hats, ballcaps and bandanas are all available with No Fly Zone® technology

New this year and something that is a small detail but what I liked is the subtle branding. A small yellow strip of fabric with a black mosquito was added to the clothing which lets you know it is No Fly Zone® easily. Then to identify as WindRiver the snaps have the logo embossed onto them. This might not matter to some but I appreciate the clean refined look.

What is the line missing? For me I would like see a some long sleeve shirts and tee shirts with the technology if possible rather than all button up styles for the tops. I am not sure if this is achievable due to the nature of the permethrin lining. As for the pants they have nailed it and I am a big fan of the fit and styling.

Where to find Mark’s Tick and Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Explore the full Mark’s WindRiver Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing for yourself , No Fly Zone

tick and mosquito repellent clothing Marks Wind River No Fly Zone
The complete package from head to toe, bring on the ticks & mosquitos

Gear Review Disclosure

I often review and support companies that support my efforts to continue to bring you photos, stories and adventures of the Mindful Explorer. This is a paid post in collaboration with Mark’s Canada with gifted product for the purpose of review. I was asked to test out their gear and provide honest feedback while letting you, my readers learn about their new product.

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  • Very cool that they made some changes based off your reviews. Lyme disease continues to be a huge threat here but with everything else going on it doesn’t seems to be in the forefront. For those of us who play outside a lot we have to take it seriously.

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