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You’ve just spent the morning getting in a great hike or pounding the local mountain bike trails. Now its time to wind down and relax, which nowadays for outdoor enthusiasts typically calls for a great craft beer. If you happen to be in SE Alberta then you are in luck as the Medicine Hat Craft Beer scene is alive and well.

While visiting the area on a ZenSeekers assignment I discovered the Medicine Hat craft beer scene. Thanks to the hospitality of Tourism Medicine Hat we experienced their Craft Beer Tour that they run for locals and visitors. Read more of my ZenSeekers experience HERE.

I also did a Facebook live feed for ZenSeekers while on our tour which you can watch below.

Fun Fact about Medicine Hat that I didn’t know

“This part of the country seems to have all hell for a basement, and the only trap door appears to be in Medicine Hat. And you don’t even think of changing the name of your town. It’s all your own and the only hat of its kind on earth.” – Rudyard Kipling 1907, famous author quoted on his travels across Canada. Thanks to our wonderful brewery guide Amy (who works at Hell’s Basement) I learned about this quote. Heck I lived in Medicine Hat during college and never even knew that. Aren’t fun facts cool 🙂

Medicine Hat Craft Beer Tour Chris Istace Mindful Explorer

The gangs all here at Medicine Hat Brewing Company

Hell’s Basement Brewery has created a community hub


The Breweries of the Medicine Hat Craft Beer Scene

Living on the west coast of Canada which is the epicentre of Craft Beer in Canada I have seen my fair share of craft breweries. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this far out east on the prairies. The  Medicine Hat craft beer tour that the local tourism office puts on was a great to see what the locals have going on.

The two breweries are Hell’s Basement Brewery and Medicine Hat Brew Company (Travois Ale Works opening soon) . Immediately upon walking into both establishments I was blown away. First by the massive size of their operations and brewery setups. Things tend to be bigger in Alberta and they were no exception.

Secondly I was impressed by the sense of community and the local “go-to” vibe the tasting rooms had. It was evident the locals have embraced these breweries and the two craft breweries have become hubs of the local community. I think this is why back home I find that the hiking anf mountain bike communities gravitate towards post ride/hike socializing at breweries. There is no reason why the same won’t happen here and grow stronger every year.

Be sure to click on the links of each of the breweries above to learn more about each of them and the Medicine Hat Craft beer scene. Also of course as I mentioned earlier, a craft beer always tastes best after a solid day riding the local mountain bike trails. Check out my article Explore Medicine Hat by Bike : Paths Trails & Fun to pair the local MTB trails up with the beer tour.

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Medicine Hat Craft Beer Tour – If You Go

Check into Tourism Medicine Hat to start planning your beer tour and other activities in the area.

Travel Alberta also has lots of great information about things to do and places to see in Medicine Hat.

Canalta Hotels has partnered up with a collection of destinations across Southern Alberta.  Stay a Night & See a Sight – they are ready to help.

Disclosure: This post was published in partnership with ZenSeekers

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